Why I'm Still Residing Below The Same Roof As My Ex

I have been separated from my coparent for 4 years and divorced for 2 and we nonetheless stay together to lift our eight year outdated daughter. We haven't any joint-accounts, my identify is just not on the house he bought, and he has finished some stock investing since we married however I have no entry to any of the data, and I'm certain my title is on none of it. I spent the little bit of financial savings I had on our wedding, the transfer and household items inside the first month of our marriage.
I do know the better answer right here can be to only walk away, and that's what I'll do if I am unable to find a resolution or if I begin feeling like the kid is being affected by this in any means (illogical as my emotions could also be I'd by no means damage a child's emotions or disrupt their life in any method, even when that meant making myself miserable.
the question game questions to ask your boyfriend is the excuse that he said that's why he by no means needed to tell me. In that case, then that is not dedicated relationship and I don't need a man who bids stuffs from me. I have met his household couple instances but his dad and mom by no means spoke about our engagement or something.
Even with my step son and step daughter - there are moments of affection and feeling like a household and moments of feeling omitted too - especially when their mom is so detrimental in direction of me- or frustrations about parenting and paying for someone else's kids.
But it surely was arduous to remain away; imperfect as my family might have been, my dream of finally living a meaningful and more mellow life in L.A. nonetheless pulled me. When I turned pregnant with my first baby, I was decided to have the child on the California hospital where my mom had once labored as an obstetrician.
In the event you see yourself settling down with this man then you have to take into account all the issues that he'll carry alongside into the wedding - the custody of the youngsters, his connection with his ex wife, your connection along with his kids,your plans of having youngsters, and many others.