11 Tips When Buying New Restaurant Equipment


A wisely-designed and well-functioning kitchen can make or break your restaurant business. Apart from getting the best persons to man your cook-room, investing in the right restaurant kitchen equipment is also equally important. 

But how will you know if the facilities you’re eyeing to buy are fit for your requirements? Here are 11 useful tips you need to know. 

Plan everything out

Before spending money on anything, make sure your plan is clearly laid out first. Identify the restaurant kitchen equipment you need -- from the cooking ranges and frying pans down to your utensils and catering glassware. 

Make sure everything is within the budget

A crucial aspect of your plan is the budget. Make sure that with the money you’ve allocated, you can already buy all the necessary appliances and tools. 

Be mindful of functionality and user-friendliness

When investing in a new kitchen gear, don’t forget to check its functionality and user-friendliness. You have to know whether the equipment can deliver the output you need and if they can be easily navigated by your staff. 

Check if it fits your space

Be certain that it can actually fit into your desired floor plan. Remember that the kitchen will be the busiest area in your restaurant business -- you don’t want to slow down your operations just because of a facility that takes up too much space. 

See the equipment personally and ask for a demo

To check if your prospect restaurant kitchen equipment is the perfect match for your cooking space, it’s always best to check and see it personally. If permitted, it’s also wiser to watch for a demo and put forward all the queries you have in mind. 

Ask about proper maintenance

One of the things you need to ask from your supplier or manufacturer is proper maintenance. Inquire if the equipment needs a certain type of maintenance procedure. Bear in mind that your goal is to make the facility last the longest time possible. 

Never ignore the warranties

It’s also vital to know the warranty policy of your equipment. How long will the warranty be available? What are the repairs it covers? Be fully informed about these details because they will come in handy in the future. 

Decide on what material you will choose

You also have to carefully choose on which material will you buy for your kitchen. Though expensive, stainless steel is known for its durability. Aluminum is also popular for its resistance to rust. 

Check compatibility with the building

Be mindful of things like the building’s temperature or its incoming water pressure. Make sure that your facilities are suitable for the environment of your place. 

Don’t forget about local codes

Never forget to check if your kitchen and all facilities that are in it adhere to your local codes, like fire and health codes. These codes help secure the safety of your area. 

Used equipment can be an option

While most will recommend buying new equipment, opting for second-hand ones can actually be an option. Just make sure you do proper research and inspection before buying them.