Chapter 99
Page 1
Seiya - Wait, Ikki! Now is not the time to fight ... the Saints must join the forces now, and not fight each other!
Ikki - Seiya, I do not have any interest ... in the nonsense you're saying. I have a duty.
Seiya - A duty ... and what would that be?
Ikki - People who come back to this world ... are not limited to following justice.
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Ikki - Those who do not obey the will of the Athena of this dimension .... are completely unnecessary beings. Your sanctuary ... your world ... and your future as well.
Page 3
Ikki - Nothing will be allowed ... to beings like that. the order that has been assigned ... is that if any of the beings who are resurrected from the other world become a threat to our ... I must erase their existence until there is only one.
Page 4
I'm the one the world chose ... to be the assassin!
Page 5
Seiya - Ikki .... what the hell are you saying ?! You ... how can you live doing it ?! You're not a kind of man who follows orders … raise your own fists for the people you love and who are important to you !!
Ikki - That's right. I have no doubt ... I am the kind of person who can do this.
Seiya - I can not believe it!
Ikki: I do not need you to believe me.\
Page 6
Ikki - You just need to know ... that I will kill any kind of enemy.
Ikki - even if it’s…..someone I once loved.
Esmeralda - Ikki.... why? I came back ... to find ... you one more time!
Page 7
Esmeralda- Ikki ... I'm back! You love me, do not you? Otherwise... I'll hate you!
Page 8
Esmeralda- See, Ikki ... I returned with your master. but he wanted to kill you again. So I had no choice but to kill him one more time. Is everything okay with you? After all that happened, I hated him, too. Do you see any problem in having been resurrected with hatred?
Page 9
Esmeralda- It’s something ... surprising ... it seems like I'm coming back stronger. Now no one can kill me. People who try to do this ... will be killed softly.
Page 10
Esmeralda - Ikki ... Do you love me? or do you hate me? Know that I will definitely not allow you to hate me. Since the beginning, I do not need a world in which you do not love me. Without a doubt ... a world like this will be destroyed.
Page 11
Ikki - The world will not be destroyed. Phoenix Bird!! You .... Esmeralda ....
Page 12
Ikki - the place to which you belongs i not here.
Those who return to this world are not governed by what is right. The reason why they are so ... it is not for me to know ... but they become corrupted beings that provoke evil to the humans.
your actions only add to your own ego. As a result ... you become something that is not human.
Page 13
Seiya - Something that is not human .... then, what the hell do they become?
Ikki - just a demon ... capable of killing people. if those who came back are like this from the beginning .... or they turn into demons with the passage of time I do not know. but someone should stop them.
Page 14
Ikki - Aiolia .... what will you do? What are you thinking? I'm not interested in your decision at all.
But in you, yes, there is a sign of something demonic. And I'll be responsible for killing you.