Chapter 1
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This is a sealed story.
The soldiers were defeated! How is it possible that the entire army of the sun god was destroyed? Maybe our enemy is not a mere human? We can not lose! We'll kill him here! He is coming!
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He who breaks this seal ... will see the beginning of war ... between gods and humans!
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Prepare the swords!
Solar Sword!
lit up! Against us are the enemy! Let's fire it!
Page 4
Aiolos - Solar prominence ...... the flames that resemble the degrees of the sun. Direct contact would cost me my life. Infinite power that lies in me .... my cosmos! Burn and overcome the flames that reach the degrees of the sun!
Page 5
Aiolos - that everything ..... be exceeded!
Page 6
Aiolos - Infinity Break
Page 7
arrows of light ?! The power of the sun god is being overcome by this ...
by that person ?! Does he have the power of a god ?!
We're disappearing! So obstruct the origin of the vital flow .... it’s destroyed?!
Page 8
Aiolos - Like you, I also have a god who supports my heart. I am one of the Gold Saints who protect the goddess Athena. I am Aiolos of Sagittarius! I want to keep peace on earth. Risking my life in combat, just like you. It does not matter if the fire of my life disappears, my cosmos has remained forever on earth.
Page 9
Aiolos - The supreme power of humans, the cosmos .... I trust in the creation of peace.
Nubian region, south of aswan
Miko - Enough.......
Page 10
Miko - I'm waiting in the heat and it’s not enough! What happened? Since I knew it would be hot, I wanted to find him as soon as possible this morning ... but this four hours late! It's already noon Well ... this is useless. I'm in the middle. I think I should go back.
Page 11
Aiolos - Do you want some? even if it is water.
Page 12
Miko - Haa! Thank you!
Aiolos - Glad you liked the water! You can drink as much as you want.
Miko- Thank you so much for helping me. My name is yoshiko hasegawa. I'm an archaeologist and I work for the university. As my English is bad, I wonder how you can understand me. That's why I need a guide. Am I boring you?
Aiolos - Well .... that's good, because I understand Japanese.
Miko - Oh really? That's great!
Aiolos - To tell you the truth, I came here to do a job that requires your help.
Miko - Huh? Is that so? I wondered why he was talking to me.
Page 13
Aiolos - Well ...... then from today it is my work to help her, Miss yoshiko hasegawa.
My name is, rivers. And I apologize for my slight delay.
Miko - What?!
The guide that yoshiko expected was this man ?! For you, four hours is a little delay? Is that right?