Finally, the SD-WAN business model needs to be more aligned with the market, and the SD-WAN solution needs to adapt to changes in user demand. Therefore, for some small and medium-sized users, SD-WAN needs to provide operational services to meet the needs of this type of users in a ready-to-use, on-demand manner; for example, in line with the trend of business cloudization, SD-WAN The solution needs to be supported and adapted with the mainstream cloud and so on.

Among many SD-WAN companies, SIC is undoubtedly a company worthy of long-term attention, and it is very likely to become one of the big black horses in the future market. "I am deeply convinced that I want to be an attacker in the SD-WAN market." Huang Hang is outspoken.

Deeply convinced in the SD-WAN market strategy: focus on multi-WAN routing, cloud network convergence, global access acceleration, chain networking, security networking and other five business application scenarios, focusing on expanding large and medium-sized enterprises, finance, government, retail and other fields In the product and business model, it fully adapts to the needs of the SD-WAN era, helping enterprise users to build new capabilities of the WAN in the SD-WAN era, and gain network value and capabilities in the era of digital transformation.

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