Chapter 85
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Cronus - I know this attack... it’s your full power, correct? In other words ... this is your last blow, right? In other words, you’re so trapped ... that you’re being forced to use your strongest attack now. Great .... I liked it. Why don’t you try?
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Cronus - Use that ridiculous blow...and come at me.
Aiolia - photon Invoke
Cronus - Are these little stars all that your cosmos has? So they are the brightness of your own life. What would happen ... if I took all that shine .....
Page 3
Cronus - And extinguished it? Pragma spathe
Page 4
Aiolia - All the photons I produced ... were swept .... in one move!! His fist, with the power of the megas drepanon .... is ripping my cosmos ... and at the same time ....
Page 5
Aiolia - It appears from the most unpredictable angles, without the slightest warning .... landing direct blows on my body !!! But .... if there are physical blows .... there is an attack movement! And, at the end of every move, there's always a gap !! If I can not avoid the blows, then I receive the blows! And hold on tight, to counter then, so .... I'm sure my blow will come in!
Page 6
Aiolia - It's not just speed .... no ... it swerves in the blink of an eye. And then part for the counterattack. This is not just a brute force ... this ability of space movement far surpasses that of humans ...
Page 7
Aiolia - It’s a fighting style that combines an immense crude force with a precise calculation of the movements ... all supported by an incomparable cosmos, ... that only the gods could possess! The Dunamis!
Page 8
Cronus - I see that you depend a lot on this attack ... but it does not mean much to me ... you know why? Because I can still do this ....
Aiolia - But .... what kind of trick is this ?!
Cronus - What is it? Get up. Or will you let the flame of time fade away? When this flame goes out, this earth will disappear. Just look ... one is already gone ..... just know how to come over to me.
Page 9
Cronus - Khaos Hyetos.

Aiolia - Damn it!! He already got me before with that same blow !! But now it came with even more intensity !! It's faster!! Before it had been just his projection .... now it's real !! This ... is his true power! The force of chaos ... passing through my cosmos! In that short period of time .... in mere seconds ... he filled holes in my cosmos and also my physical body !! Until today, I have always found a way to face the gods ... but ... he has surpassed everything ...
Cronus - I am surprised .....
Page 10
Cronus - How weak you are.
Aiolia - I did not think it would be this hard!
Page 11
Cronus - Look ... another flame is going out. It’s the beginning of the destruction of the world. How beautiful it is to see everything that has shape ... completely shattered.
Aiolia - What ... is he talking ?!
Cronus - There is only one thing that my great hand has taught me ... that is stealing the lives of those who possess it. So .... all I can do .... is take life ... from everyone around me.
Page 12
Cronus - Just like I'm going to do ... now. I will steal your life ... like everyone else living in this place. I will be the god who had exterminated everything.
Aiolia - The ground is ripping! Not too much! I have to do something! I need to penetrate his space! Faster!!
Page 14
Cronus - This human ... escaped the reach of my blows ... and ddodged their unpredictable trajectory. Did he try to go for a blind spot, since he knew he could not escape the attack? but blind spots mean nothing to me. What you ... reach with your attack, I reach much more. No one escapes .... from my blows!
Page 15
Cronus - He accelerated even more and managed to get there ... before my blow?! He overcame my dimensional transportation .... which is faster than the speed of light ?!
Page 16
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt
Page 17
Aiolia - More!! Much faster !! Even if I lose my legs ... even if my heart explodes !! I need to get ... as close as possible!
Page 18
Aiolia - to deliver all these lives ... to their due future ... reach, my lightning.
Page 19
Aiolia - Lightning plasma
Page 20
Aiolia - I went all-out.. I put all the power I could put ... those consecutive blows ... that had to come one after the other ... was all that occurred to me, after I saw him defending himself from the Photon Burst. I can not move my legs right ... I can hardly stand my ... my cosmos and my body are stretched ... still, I gave everything of myself ... I sent the best blow that I could launch ....
Page 21
Aiolia - That hit him in full and even then ... he did not suffer any damage !! Would that form, combined with Soma and dunamis .... be indestructible ?!
Gold Saints !! Unite your Cosmos!
Page 22
Milo - You want us to lend our whole cosmos to you ?! All right! Leave it to me!
Aiolia - It's not that! Join the cosmos ... and concentrate it on Shaka!
Camus - Aiolia ....
Aiolia - That’s right .... I want you to maximize the power of shaka!
We're going to need everyone's cosmos now! And after they do this .... Shaka, perform dimensional transportation !! Transfer to earth all the lives existing in this place except me and Cronus! And that includes you too !!
Milo - What ?! And you? What do you want to do ?!
Aiolia - I will stay....
Page 23
Aiolia - And I will not let you go from here ... if you wanted to get to Earth... you know that I am the last barrier in front of you!
Cronus - So ... I just need to break down this barrier and go my way ... this is going to be quick.