Chapter 81

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Mephistopheles - hahahahaha! You think I'm going to be judged by tenma and athena? It seems that your memory is bad. I can not be defeated by you in this temporal prison I created!
pathetic Pope! I did not think I would need divine help! You are worth the same as this empty altar of athena!
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Shion - Do you want to try?
Page 3
Mephistopheles - This kid ... when did he improve so much ?!
Shion - Stardust Revolution
Page 5
Mephistopheles - So this is the Pope’s current cosmos!
Page 6
Mephistopheles - It's not the same thing ... when you were a kid!
Shion - At that moment, I was just a saint. Do you think I would continue the same after receiving this position? Now, I am the Pope! The one who is in charge of protecting this sanctuary for the next generation. I am the connecting link.
Page 7
Shion - Past, present, and future
Page 8
Shion - I will watch over them!
Mephistopheles - You should not trust too much!
Page 9
Shion - I wonder who of the two of us forgot .....
Page 10
Shion - You should know that this land is under the protection of the Goddess Athena!
Mephistopheles - Grr! You fucking wretch!
Page 12
Shion - You tried to dodge the Stardust Revolution by stopping time .... so I should attack a little faster ..
Mephistopheles - You ... ha ha ha ha! Not bad. See, and that's why I hate humans. Until recently you were just a boy ...... and now, after a few years ... you take the lead role. But let me tell you something ..... you are a miserable Pope!
Page 13
Mephistopheles - After all, humans can not win!
Shion - The time behind him is rapidly receding.... but what?
Page 14
Mephistopheles - Rewind world!
Shion - The passing of time .... turned into a furious torrent!
Page 15
Teneo - the cosmos of Pope Shion disappeared. What the hell is this?
Page 16
Teneo - That evil cosmos enveloped the altar of athena ..... the altar of athena and the sanctuary are being destroyed! What? Is the altar destroying itself? What is going on?! No ... the rebuilt altar is coming back to ruin! Oh no ... if this continues, everyone .......
Page 17
Teneo - They're gone ... it’s because they were not born? So .... Pope shion ....
Page 18
Mephistopheles - Hahaha! it makes me very happy!
Page 19
Mephistopheles - The soil and the pillars were dust again! I, in fact, am a god .... I can do all this, even in this mortal body. And I do not want to stop for nothing!
Shion - What a coincidence ...... I was thinking the same thing.
Page 20
Mephistopheles - I see. Teleportation. You temporarily teleported to another dimension and have not suffered the temporal effects. Fucking trash .... how can you fight like that guy?
Shion - The Gemini Cloth taught me. It was Aspros who took the battle ..... to a space that moved at the speed of light to neutralize your techniques.
Page 21
Mephistopheles - I do not even want to remember that. I never thought that there would be another human capable of doing this ....but as you come from the Jamiel clan who have rare psychic powers ... I suppose you have to be able to imitate their little techniques, but only with your own body , ha…..No……. hahaha!
Shion - What is your problem, bastard? Why don’t you face death?
Mephistopheles - it should not be like that time ... when the damn avenir helped you in the ruins of mu …
Page 22
Mephistopheles - You make me pissed! Keep clinging to the remains of time inside you!. I already told you. You're ... really pathetic. A ridiculous guy.
Page 23
Mephistopheles - You will not get in my way any more!
Shion - The torrent of time closes around me ....
Page 24
Mephistopheles - He! Your teleportation has earned you a little time. But now you will feel the effects of time over and over! Come on, you little trash! Your sanctuary will eventually disappear!
Shion - No!
Page 25
Shion - This is ... the Pope’s room. Why....
Page 26
Shion - Without a doubt, I was fighting kairos. What am I doing here?
Hakurei - what are you waiting for? Enter! A Pope no longer has this kind of attitude toward people. Come on, everyone is waiting for you.
Page 27
Shion - This, is probably .... a vision I receive through this temporal vortex ......
Page 28
Shion - Yes .... I live in the time they gave me. I will build the future they wanted.
Page 29
Shion - This future will not be bleak.
Page 30
Mephistopheles - Ha? Ora, you brat ...... you returned...
Shion - I'll stop it .... playing… with our future!
Page 31
Mephistopheles - damn ... how dare you? Now that the prison has broken ... time is coming back … I will not let you do this … Piece of shit .... you will pay me!
Page 32
Mephistopheles - ha ha this cosmo … it’s from tenma? Finally you, tenma! Hey! Don’t you want to see your mother? We can go to heaven in this divine Cloth ....... and we take your mother's soul back. We will have the chance to kill all the inhabitants of the sky that stay in the way!
that would be a lot of fun! I also want to see my beloved Partita! Come on, Tenma .....
Page 34
Shion - The shield of Athena .... that is able to expel the evil of this world ... it seems that the sentence has already been announced. The evil was cast out. And only old bones remain.
Page 35
Shion - And now the holy war is over, and even if it's just your Cloth... I'm glad you came back from the bottom of my heart, tenma and athena.
Page 36
I wish ... that you lived in peace somewhere on earth until our next battle .... I will protect the earth until that moment. I even thought that memories were powerful enemies ....
Page 37
Shion - But this is not the case. I will keep them with me .... for those who came in the future.

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