Best Months to Visit Fiji in 2020

Fiji lies in the Southern hemisphere and enjoys the two major seasons - the dry season and wet season. If you are planning to spend holidays to Fiji in a particular season, you need to read month-wise detail regarding temperature to visit Fiji at the right time.

Some people choose dry weather. Therefore the cost of resorts and other activities packages are on the peak from June to October. And the rest of the months are quite affordable for those who are looking for cheap holiday packages in Fiji. So, without further ado, let's check out a complete Fiji detail with major events celebrations.


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What are the best months to visit Fiji for the Holidays?


Weather: January is among the top three wettest months of Fiji that contain an average of 20 days of rain. The temperature remains 32 degrees C or says 90-degree F throughout the month.

Events: At the beginning of the month, you will see a coconut tree climbing competition held at Denarau Island. Here you will see people competing to prove themselves best and enjoying this event.


Weather: Temperature conditions and weather remains the same in February as of January. You will see rainfall in the afternoon, and when it comes down, it brings relief from the humidity.

Events: In Fiji, the Thaipusam Festival is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. A 10 days festival brings together Hindu people to Fiji to celebrate the birthday of the God of War, Subrahmanya. Worshippers visit temples for prayers. Some of the devotees also make multiple piercing on their faces and tongues, back and chest to please god.


Weather: March also has the highest rainfall and sometimes reaches 14 inches of average rain. Throughout the month, the temperature remains warm and humid at night. Therefore, this month is not recommended for those who want to enjoy a sunbath.

Events: Hindu religious people celebrate holy this month. This is also called the festival of colors and a warm welcome to the spring season. People spread love and affection through these colors.


Weather: Arrival of April means end of wet seasons and clean clouds make a comeback. The temperature reaches 22 degrees C or 71-degree F during this month that makes the evening more enjoyable.

Events: This is the arrival of the Christmas event. Therefore, Fijian celebrate this holy week named Easter Sunday. Devotees of the Christian community gather at the capital of Suva and walk to the city of Jerusalem to celebrate this festival.


Weather: Amazing weather starts from this month. Therefore, it is considered as the best time to reach Fiji for holidays with family or honeymoon celebration. The air smelled so pleasant that it attracts the visitor's attention and refreshed them.

Event: on May 13 Fijian celebrate Rotuma Day as a cultural event by dancing, feasting, and public gathering. You can also be a part of their fun-loving activities.


Weather: these are the sunniest days as gentle winds start. The day temperature is observed to be 29-degree C or 84-degree F, which helps people from cold areas to survive and enjoy the heat.

Event: Fijian celebrates World Music Festival this month. Festivals dates sometimes vary but mostly celebrated this month.


Weather: July is called one of the driest months of Fiji. This month allows you to roam freely in Fiji and explore every corner. You can enjoy a number of water and land activities this month.

Event: the two major festivals fall in mid-July and August. Bula Festival and South Indian Fire Walking Festival. Both these festivals are celebrated for a week, and people enjoy plenty of food, music and dance items.


Weather: August is also dry and has a humid temperature. Sometimes people need to take a shower in the evening. Sometimes rainfalls start between and end of this month.

Event: Hibiscus Festival is one of the biggest celebrated festivals of Fijian. This event is celebrated in the Albert Park in Fiji's capital, Suva. People across Fiji come and gather there to see Miss Hibiscus among thousands of contenders.


Weather: This month, humidity is about to fade, and you can enjoy a number of rain-free days. People can enjoy plenty of activities. Therefore most visitors choose this month to spend vacations with family.

Event: In September, Fijian celebrate Lautoka Sugar Festival at the second-largest city in Fiji named Lautoka. People enjoy food stalls, dance performances, music and wholesome followed by various competitions.


Weather: October again has a combination of dry and warm weather. The maximum temperature reaches 81°F (27°C) and an average 69°F (21°C) 69°F (21°C). So one can spend plenty of time in the sun.

Event: Fiji Day is celebrated on Oct 10 every year. This day gives Fijian independence from British rule. Therefore, you will see streets filled with people partying and giving individual performances.


Weather: This season has a combination of heat and humidity. Therefore tourists found desperate around the world to reach Fiji in these seasons.

Event: World Vintage Rugby Carnival celebrated in November between 30 teams of 35+ years old rugby players. The whole event lasted for 7 days. Throughout the game, you will see a number of stalls offering edible and decorative items.


Weather: December is again the arrival of the wet season. One can enjoy moderate sunshine, but this also does not stop tourists from enjoying their holidays in Fiji.

Event: Fijian eagerly waits for the two major events - Christmas and New Year celebration. You will see plenty of buffet and traditional food items, eye-catchy decoration and Santa riding on a speedboat. Everything is beautiful around Fiji. Even on New Year Eve people seem to be partying all night to welcome next year. Throughout the night plenty of night clubs and bars seem open and filled with people enjoying themselves.


The Bottom Line

We have highlighted an entire year's detail for Fiji to enjoy your holidays. You can choose either month that you want to spend - whether dry or wet. But always go with pre planning and take Fiji honeymoon packages to participate in every activity.

Have an excellent holiday trip!!!