Chapter 67
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[Two and a half years before the holy war]
Defteros - What is this terrible spectacle?Why are the Pitonesses dead? What does that mean? aspros! Brother!
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Aspros - Are you suspecting me? Defteros, the second!
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Aspros - you received my blow, even though I wore the Gold Cloth. Defteros. If there were two Gemini, you would surely be a Gold Saint.
Defteros - Do not try to fool me, Aspros!
Aspros - But if I do not know anything.
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Aspros - When I got here it was already like this. We would not even know if the Pope had told me to take the oracle. It’s a pity, really.
Defteros - This is ... you want me to believe that, Aspros?
Aspros - If you do not trust me, this will be our end.
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Aspros - Along with the end of our dream, brother. "One of the twins had been born under a cursed star," right? This was the irrational preaching that the oracle did about our existence.
So I will become the Pope at any cost.
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Aspros - To save you. Now it is not enough for you to stop using this mask. Do not look at me like that, Defteros. let's go back. Back to the sanctuary that will soon be ours.
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Defteros - You .... changed, aspros ...
Aspros - you were right, again .... if I'm a burden to you, get rid of me. If, with that, you will return to being what you were before, I will be happier than with this dream.
Page 8
Defteros - I will live alone.
Aspros - You're thinking nonsense.
Defteros - I changed?
Aspros - I did not change, I just think of both of us, before and now. And you also have not changed, believe me. so I can move on. Ah, I'm already forgetting her.....
Page 9
Defteros - Another dimension? Wait, Aspros
Page 10
Defteros - Wait! Why did you throw the Pythia into Another dimension?
Aspros - Otherwise, they would only rot and spread diseases. Besides, these Pythia had already decided our fate. With their absurd prophecies.
Page 11
Aspros - They probably had already foreseen their futures. something....
Page 12
You were the light to me .... Since I was born, my destiny as a shadow was to see you tread the path of light. But I thought that, being you, you had accepted me as your shadow. on that day ..... where did those twins go? Can not they leave the sanctuary?
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especially the boy of disgrace! Do not let him leave the sanctuary! Do not let them get out of hiding!
Aspros - hold on, Defteros. I know if we leave the sanctuary, we'll find someone who can help you.
Defteros - Tell me, Aspros. If you leave with me, you will be punished too. I'll be fine .....
Aspros - What are you talking about?
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Aspros - You are burning with fever, and if we do not get out of the rain soon, you can even die! That cursed Sanctuary! They left you like a dog because of the prophecy of the oracle! I will not forgive .... what they did to my younger brother!
Defteros - It's okay, leave me here and come back ....
Aspros -But you will die
Defteros- I'm tired. Brother, they will kill you if you continue here with me ..........
Page 15
Defteros - And that I can not allow.... Brother, you were born under the star that made you the strongest saint ....So it goes ...
Aspros - Enough, Defteros! My goal is not to become a saint! If you were not with me, I would have no reason to become a Gold saint! I'll save you at all costs! So stop talking nonsense!
Defteros - Aspros ....
-I found the boys! They're right there! let's go!
Page 16
Aspros - Damn .... watch out, defteros!
Page 17
Defteros - Aspros! Hold on, Aspros! Why did you protect me? My head is spinning because of the fever … but.... do not die, aspros ... You will not die at all … I will not let you die.
Page 18
I understand ... this is the same thing my brother feels ... it’s the same, but ... and no longer …
Page 19
Aspros- Brother ... you will not die ... I will protect my little brother .... at all costs …
Defteros- I understand, Aspros... I’m sorry, brother ... I will not die. Because I'll always be here for you when you need me. but I do not want to be an existence that needs your protection!
Page 20
Defteros - I'll get stronger! I will not be a burden to you! I may be a shadow, but I will not depend on anyone! I'll just support you like a shadow! And you can secure ahead without worrying. Aspros. That's right.
Page 21
Defteros - From that moment, I have been training and preparing myself. Wishing to live with my brother. Mas, entao, por que as minhas suspeitas aumentaram dias atrás?
Page 22
Defteros - Is it okay if I trust you right away?
Peco, excuse me, Mr. Junkers. For asking you to come with me after the training.
Oh, it does not matter. But you are also a warrior, and could make your round alone.
there is? Ah yes
Page 23
Hey! Why are you so shaky? Well, there are several rumors about this place ... of course I'm not shaking, Mr. Junkers. Oh really? Then I'll tell you something cool. They are said to be the arena where the berserkers who were defeated during the war with the god Ares were executed, and also said that in that place their heads were cut off. berserkers, Athena herself sealed this battle arena.
Page 24
That is why during the darkest nights one can hear the cries of these spirits.
despite the seals of the great Athena ...
And the people who will check will never return.
Stop this!
Page 25
Again! It came from the arena of ghosts! There is no way, let's go! Wait, what if it's the spirits? let's go back! What if we die because of the curse?
He, you! What if it's an invading enemy? Are you an idiot who is frightened by some ghosts?
stop, junkers.
Page 26
This is a ghost too strong for you.
Impossible ... who's in the ghosts arena ... so you have to?
Page 27
Defteros - Finally, I got a power equal to that of my older brother. But is this power enough?
Page 28
Defteros- No ... I must trust my brother ...
What a surprise. Then there is another person in this world who can use this technique.
Defteros - When did he? I could not even see him!
-I heard from the Pope himself about your existence, but he was not convinced. Shadow of Gemini!
Defteros - Does the Pope know about me? I have nothing to do with the saints! I'm not interested in .....
Page 29
Defteros - Affairs of the Gold Saints!

-It’s a fierce fist! Koltso!
Page 30
Defteros - What? The ice hoops are wrapping me!
Degel - I'm sorry, but I'll seal your movements for a moment. I am Aquarius Degel. And I received from the Pope the order to investigate an incident.
Page 31
Degel - The truth about the disappearance of the Pythia of Delphi
Defteros - what did you say?
Degel - I'll be straight with you. Days ago, your brother, Aspros, went to the sanctuary of delphi. And the Pythia are gone. Leaving only a trail of blood.
Defteros - And why would I know anything?
Degel - So it was Aspros?
Page 32
Degel - as far as I know, he is the only one who has such an ability. I have a deep respect for your knowledge and your ability as a saint. And I wish it was just a mistake, but ... I see that it is not enough to not show the existence that also has such an ability.
Defteros - Very well! The methods of the sanctuary are not going to change!
Page 33
Defteros - So I will overcome you with my power!
Degel - Impossible! He broke the koltso!
Defteros - This fight ... if you can overcome it, they will no longer be suspicious of Aspros.
The moment arrived that I expected.
Page 34
Defteros - So ... die, Aquarius!
Degel - In an instant he took advantage of the muscles of his fist. This man is very strong, even without a Cloth....
Page 35
Defteros - Did I kill him?
Degel - Freezing shield! The wall of ice defense that not even several gold saints can break!
Page 36
Degel - This is prison, Defteros!
Defteros - If so, then kill me! For killing the Pythia! You will give me the death penalty anyway, so do it soon!
Page 37
Defteros - Do it!
Degel - No ...
Defteros - Why did you freed me from the ice?
Degel - Because you're lying.
Page 38
Degel - I will not kill you. I will leave you in the hands of the sanctuary.
Defteros -But you can not do that!
Degel - Do you think your brother will have problems if they know of your secret existence? Your existence is a miracle by itself. Fighting equally with me without wearing a Cloth while I wear a Gold Cloth. Such a man can not be a sinner, but someone who protects someone even stronger. And this is the most terrible of truths.
Page 39
Degel/Defteros - What? How did a crater form in the battle arena?
Degel- what happened?
Defteros - Impossible....
Page 40
They are the ghosts of the fighting arena ?!
Page 41
-Master, we are ready to set sail.
Aspros - Yes, thank you, sorry for the delay.
-It's okay, the Pope called you, after all.
Aspros - Yes, there was a small problem with a recent mission.
Page 42
Aspros - but I'll figure it out. It was to be expected. We trust you for the next assignment. Well, if there's nothing else, I'll retire. I thought that you could easily get rid of Degel, Defteros, but ... you turned out to be more useless than I thought, you stupid brother. But it does not matter. Degel is one of the saints closer to the Pope. I planned to even remove him from my path any day ....
Page 43
Aspros - If you have also lost confidence in me, you'd better die ... Defteros... by the hands of the old berserkers!

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