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Our core product is known as the CLIIXX, it is a two-piece glass joint filter tip that makes smoking more fun, hassle-free, and smoother.

When you hear the CLICK you know it's time to smoke!

The company was founded in 2020 and has been growing strong with plans of stopping. On top of selling the one of a CLIIXX, you can also purchase grinders, bags, drawstring bags, papers, and shirts.

On you will find three CLIIXX packages to choose from, the standard CLIIXX, the CLIIXX starter pack, and the CLIIXX deluxe starter pack. The CLIIXX will be found in smoke shops all around the USA in Q1 of 2021.

Each pack of the glass tips comes in its own padded zip-up pouch for safe transportation.

Everyone that revises their CLIIXX is amazed by how smooth it makes the whole experience. No more nasty fingers, no more slobber, no more wasting your tree.


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Social Smoking

Address: Marlboro, New Jersey 07746, US

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