Sanded VS Unsanded Grout – Some Major Differences which Matters

Most tiling specialists have this knowledge and understanding about the difference between sanded and unsanded grout. But even in some cases, experienced general contractors are still unsure about the differences between the two most common grouting materials. “Alpha Marketing” are well known for their tile cutting machine dealers in Ghaziabad.


Here highlighting some ideal applications for both sanded Vs unsanded grout as well as the major differences between the two:

  • Sanded Grout Is More Durable and it is Thicker Than Unsanded Grout for one normal reason which is Shrinkage.
  • Sanded grout resists cracking, and makes it more durable instead Unsanded grout can do severe cracking when it has pressure applied to it, and it is unsuitable for most flooring applications.
  • Sanded grout is normally the first choice for most interior flooring installations as it is more durable than unsanded grout and can easily handle foot traffic, and is very useful for larger tile joints.
  • Unsanded grout is actually extremely sticky as it has no additional sand or aggregate added to it. We can easily spread it onto a vertical surface and will stick there with no issue as we work to force it into grout lines.
  • There is actually an additional benefit of using unsanded grout for more tricky vertical surfaces as it is easier to work with unsanded grout than sanded grout, and we can get a totally even spread when working with unsanded grout. This allows us to focus only on placing our tiles in the right spot and delivering a great project.
  • The harsh material which is present in sanded grout can damage delicate materials such as granite, marble, limestone, and other soft stones. spreading sanded grout over soft tiles can cause damage especially on soft limestones and marbles. This is actually a huge determining factor when choosing between sanded vs. unsanded grout.
  • Sanded Grout Should Never Be Used For Joints which is Smaller Than 2mm.

Therefore, It is very important to understand the difference between sanded VS unsanded grout before giving a contract of our own project to any vendor. Hence,” Alpha Marketing” a  Tile cutting machine dealer in Ghaziabad is also famous for Injection grouting pump dealers in Delhi.