From ethonburns ՊHey guys! I get the opportunity to post the weekly

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From ethonburns • Hey guys! I get the opportunity to post the weekly BattleRope Challenge!! Winner is announced Friday! • To participate post your video of the challenge and be sure to tag battleropeexercises kettlebellkings and defiant_coffee in the written part of your post. • This week we are measuring POWER!! Full body arcs alternating for max reps in :20! Set up 5 ft towards the anchor! With the largest explosive movement you can, arc the arm overhead in a throwing motion! Knee should tap the floor (don’t hit too hard!) Make each rep explosive enough for the arc reach the anchor! How many can you get? • Here’s what you win: 30 day FREE TRIAL of Battle Ropes continuing education levels 1,2&3! Free bag of coffee from defiant_coffee a free t-shirt a celebration repost on battleropeexercises • Thanks for being part of this community!! • #battleropes #livingfitwithbattleropes #battlerope #battlingropes #battleropeexercises #battleropeseducation #livingfit #kettlebellkings #challenge #battleropeschallenge

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