Chapter 87
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Hakurei - Fuck .... I lowered my guard ... who hit me was .... Libra? This is not good ... at this rate I'm going to fall ... in the world of the dead.
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Hakurei - The yomotsu hirasaka .... my legs move on my own account ... even a man like me, who ...... possesses the power of sekishiki .... can not escape death? If I fall into the abyss, my life ... will end …
Page 4
Hakurei - What ... is someone going in the opposite direction ... that is?
Sage - I came looking for you, my brother .....
Page 5
Sage - I will not let you die
Page 7
Hakurei - Ah ..... sage? Itia is ...
Sage-How nice!
-You did it!
-May the heavens be praised!
Sage- Nope ... and it's early to celebrate. He is alive, but with severe internal bleeding.
Page 8
Sage - I could only press his vital points. Now, it depends on his cosmos.
Francisca- In that case, do not worry. His strength, both physical and mental, are more than enough to keep him alive. Now, we just have to have faith in him! We have to do our duty! I would say to start with the gateguard, who left hakurei in this state!
-It was not gateguard, noble francisca ....
Page 9
-It was the Libra saint ..... it was he who wounded Hakurei almost to death ...
Francisca- The Libra Saint…..... What? It can not be!
Sage - You sure, archon?
Archon - of course. There is no other Cloth with all those weapons!Those were ...
Page 10
Archon - The weapons of Libra ! I'm sure!
Sage- gateguard’s attacks could not inflict such damage ... this is even stranger ...
Archon - why?
Sage - Even we, the golden saints, never saw the Libra Cloth. In fact, the position of Libra saint has been vague for quite some time.
-What .... but ....
Page 11
-And now .... we met ?!
Sage - I do not know ... but the Libra Cloth is destined for an extremely good and just saint. For it has the weapons capable of destroying stars. That's why it’s so dangerous. If this Cloth falls into enemy hands .... Then the course of holy war .... could change drastically!
Page 12
-What .... where did that light come from? They are ... snowflakes ...
Sage - Could it be?
-Sorry, forgive the delay, sage ... and so, as you said, the Libra saint actually appeared, we should prepare ourselves for the worst.
Page 13
Athena - this holy war can be a black page in the chapter of our history.
Page 14
Athena - It seems like terrible things happened in my absence ...
Athena - It’s terrible ..... no doubt, it’s the work of the Libra blade. Krest has already explained the whole situation to me. about the brainwashing, the murder of the Pope..... and about the fact that hakurei, his surrogate, is in this state.
Page 15
Athena - all because of the Pope, Libra Itia
Page 16
Sage - The Pope was the Libra Saint?
Francisca- But he should be dead!
Sage- Lord krest?
Krest- Correct.... the Libra saint is him. And from the week residue of his cosmos that I feel here, we can confirm that.
Page 17
Krest - He was the strongest of us, and his love of harmony and equality had no match. When he was elected as the future Pope, none of us had any objections. He was the noblest and strongest of us, and no one seemed to be more appropriate to lead the earth along the path to peace than he.
-I can not understand?
Krest - He was very aware of his advanced age .... and had prepared himself for his impending death ..
Page 18
none of this should have happened!
Page 22
Gateguard - So it was .... psychokinesis? You made the Cloth move using your cosmo .... so ... you were there? For a moment, I had a dream .... I dreamed of a world of harmony and peace ... a land where men could love each other without any discrimination ... and where each man could live his life to the maximum . This is not just a dream ....
Page 23
Gateguard - It’s a future that can come true! You have the strength to make it happen .... and that's why I dedicated my life to you! To your ideal, the golden age you dream of so much!
Itia - Exactly, gateguard. You believed in me and my ideal, and brought the final blow to my fragile body ....., and now …
Page 25
Itia - For the last 250 years, I believed .... I thought that men could be able to create an era of harmony and peace. But reality is different from dreams! Even if we can save them from disaster, men continue to kill each other! Divide the world into twelve regions .... each governed by a saint of gold!
Page 26
Itia - And if any inconvenience arises ... ... someone who decides to threaten our harmony ... ... will be slaughtered without mercy! With this body, I can correct my mistakes of 250 years !!
If men refuse to change, then I will change the world to bring true peace !!
Page 27
Francisca- Whose cosmos is this?
Sage - Without a doubt, it’s the Pope’s...
Page 28
-But ..... his cosmos is no longer full of benevolence and gentleness. It’s a cosmos filled with anger and sadness.
Krest - You've broken the weight of every year. of my fighting companions .... a friend of my generation fell into the darkness ... I can not understand it ..... goddess Athena .... please give me the order to-
Page 29
Hakurei - I'll do it....
Page 30
Francisca - And sage and I will go too! It’s crazy ... if I had to deal with these conditions, you'll only kill me for nothing!
Archon - He is right, hakurei! The enemy is the Pope .... a silver saint like you can not compete with him!
Hakurei - Does not matter....I have to...
Francisca- - Is it because you’re his surrogate? Do not try to carry everything on your back!
Hakurei - It's not what I want to do ....
Francisca - Hey! You have to listen to your superiors!
Page 31
Athena - okay. we count on you
Page 32
Hakurei - Thank you .... good luck ....
Archon - wait a bit! Do you two think of doing everything by yourself? Even though they are powerful, it is very reckless to go both alone!

Goddess athena … we want to go with them too!
Page 33
Hakurei - Archon ....
Sage - francisca

Francisca- to reach the room of the Pope, we will have to go through the 12 houses. We are also saints and, as such, we can not ignore this crisis! We will be able to protect them .... and ensure their access to the Pope’s Hall.
Archon - The same applies to us!
-We will go too!
Athena - Very well said.
Page 34
Athena - but ... you will not have to cross the 12 houses. I will temporarily reduce the barrier that covers the sanctuary!
And now.....
Page 35
Athena - Now ... you will be able ... to cross the 12 houses.
Page 36
Athena - Are you ready?
Athena - Are you okay, Krest?
Krest - I'll take what they think is right, divine athena.
Page 37
Athena - now I will send them to the other side of the twelve houses. please ... take care of gateguard and itia ....
Page 38
Athena - I beg your pardon, krest.
Krest - There's no need to apologize, athena. it's all right ... Itia told me, a long time ago ... to see these two twins with a kind of incarnation of their ideal. And with the two to guide your heart ... silver and gold are moving like a single soul.
Page 39
Krest - This is probably why he chose these two twins, and hakurei was elected his replacement. And therefore there is no one better than the two to confront him.
Athena - That's right. Now we have to pray for them ....
Page 40
Krest - And may his will change the world!