Virtual Reality (VR) are already popular in the gaming industry

Thomas Cherian is the Executive Vice President & Head of Technology – Retail Banking Group at Mashreq. He is currently driving a digital mission to transform and create strategic future-ready digital capabilities that drive efficient, scalable digital business for Mashreq. He is in charge of the technology and transformation strategy that accelerates and ensures sustainable growth for the digital business at Mashreq.

With a career spanning over 20 years in the banking industry, Thomas spent nearly 2 decades in technology leadership roles at global banks – Citi, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch. As Executive Director at Bank of Singapore, he spearheaded to map the digital capabilities to strategic priorities and was accountable for developing and executing digital roadmap over short, mid & long-term horizon achieving the financial goals
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Thomas is a firm believer in the FinTech & startup ecosystem that has the potential to reshape the future of the banking industry. He has driven strategic alliances with banks and multiple FinTech companies on the adoption of emerging technologies such as Mobility, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technologies, as it drives the future landscape of the banking ecosystem.

The products and services offered by various banks aren’t much different from each other. Therefore, the biggest differentiator that they can provide is the experience that they deliver to their customers. The bank that delivers a superior customer experience has a competitive edge over its peers and gets a bigger slice of the market share.If a brand can meet the expectations of a customer, it will succeed in increasing his/her brand loyalty. This will also result in increased customer advocacy wherein the customer brings in new customers. 
Personalization is a means of providing a superior customer experience. And it is not just digital alone, offline personalization is also done in banks where customers often conduct in-person visits.

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