Raycon Sway e50 Assessment

I not too long ago purchased the Raycon Sway e50 and pretty much all round I’m okay with them, not as poor as absolutely everyone claims genuinely, I can say they are def not value the eighty$ mark, I would price tag these as about 50$ just because they are accurate wireless ans seem high quality, you can locate wired earbuds like Grado IEG for the same price tag and drastically better audio top quality. These earbuds are little and in shape actually snug in my ear they are not heading anywhere so significantly- but for safe evaluate find your right eartip- they have like 6 different pairs, if you want to use only 1 earbud it has to be the still left a single, they are not difficult at all you just get them out of the charging case and instantly they pair to every other and pair to your Bluetooth, once they’re back again in the case they quickly flip off (you change off the earbuds generally on the earbuds itself). They don’t adhere out and are quite hid and they really do not look inexpensive at all (if something they are overpriced) the hold off is probably about 80-100ms. No make a difference how loud they get no one can hear them both which is really good Vocals are considerably less sharp, lows are quieter than regular, acoustics seem truly great and crisp and cleanse, so if your in the selection your great, you can listen to the bass, but it’s not like you can genuinely come to feel it, and the selection of bass isnt like WOW. I suggest a pair of 20$ sennheiser twist in earbuds can outdo these all over the place. I would evaluate these to AirPods (for you gay Apple pattern normies that believe they’re excellent). They have a very little and practical bundle with a lid to the earbuds. https://bit.ly/2QopFF2 are magnetic to the scenario and the child to the situation is magnetic and powerful as well, so until you hit it towards one thing the lid will not fly off. I would return them but I’d get like thirty$ with how used they are, they are not water-proof so weighty workouts is not suggested if you sweat a lot, but for individuals operating outside in and need songs or one thing or fundamental buyers I really do not know what else to suggest that are true wireless earbuds, but I’m confident you could locate better than these. Seem around and really don't trust all internet site reviews they can easily be faux, and usually be skeptical of evaluations of folks that def appear like they are obtaining paid, even if they say they aren’t (which is occasionally a useless giveaway)
Tdlr They look good, not watertight, ok audio (AirPod high quality), conveniently modest, good battery life (about 20 hours), you could uncover much better, not really worth 80$

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