Chapter 62
Page 1
Enceladus - Did he break the ground? Are you making me fall into the depths of the earth?
Hasgard - Burn .... explode .... my cosmos! like a supernova! Like CorTauri!
Page 2
Enceladus - Impossible! I will not be sealed in the bowels of the earth again!
Hasgard- Titan’s Nova!
Page 3
Enceladus - impossible ... even if they used the power of Zeus ... I can not believe that a mere human and a ridiculous automaton defeated me. but .... you can not seal me with that kind of energy ... keep that in mind, saint of athena!
Page 4
Hasgard - I got it, Cor Tauri .... the children are safe ... I defended them for you! Is my Cloth resonating?
Page 5
Hasgard - Where am I? I was at Etna a moment ago ....
Page 6
Hasgard - Cor Tauri?
Cor Tauri - Understand. This is your last act.
Hasgard - Are all the flowers in this field ... the seeds that you wanted to protect?
Page 7
Cor Tauri - I entrust you with the flower seed. Just like the other flowers. but I would not be able to tell you even that field.
Hasgard - This is undoubtedly a beautiful garden ....
Page 8
Hasgard - I swear I'll protect you! Color Tauri!
Cor Tauri - The other automatons that lived in this place are also happy. We can not stop being dolls but ... we were able to protect these seeds.
Page 9
Cor Tauri - Bye. Now, the future belongs to a new generation.
Hasgard - She ... could be ....
Page 10
Hasgard - Am I back to Etna? Was that woman Europa? The woman who Cor Tauri continually protected. I understand .... he can finally go back to his family .... do not cry, Taurus Cloth. Cor Tauri left us, but .... we need to keep living and move on.
Page 11
Hasgard - we must remember Cor Tauri’s desire forever. This great star left in the shadow of mythology. A desire that he has defended for thousands of years. And so, now ....
Page 12
Hasgard - I will live like a new giant star !!
Page 13
From that day on, Mr. Hasgard decided to call himself Aldebaran. And then ... he returned in a bad state to Crete, and we asked him to tell us what had happened. I have no idea what happened to our master. He soon took us with him, to take care of us ... that we could find our own way.
Page 14
Celintha - No doubt it was his first job as Aldebaran. Mr. Hasgard. And his good heart led him to take care of more and more children. but I was not comfortable with the boys. But it was a happy moment. The little celintha has grown a lot now. And one among those his boys, teneo .... grew to become the Taurus Saint….
Page 15
Celintha - but ... I feel ... a little afraid of the Aldebaran name, now. It seems that those who carry it are destined to disappear. But I'm sure they become a star .... who will not hesitate to give themselves totally to the future. But I'm afraid ... I want to believe in this .... Master Cor, Master Aldebaran, Teneo went to Etna .... please take care of him! for him to live ... as long as he wishes.
Page 16
Teneo - This is a bad start ... my blows are futile. How did Mr. Aldebaran manage to seal this guy?
Page 17
Enceladus - It was not able to seal my body. After all, how could someone like me be sealed by a human and a puppet?
Teneo - Damn .... what will I do, then?
Enceladus - Just a little bit, but ..... it was not easy to return with my physical form. I took advantage of the remains of these machines. And I also took this thing .... the Ichor of Zeus.
Teneo -What?
Page 18
Enceladus - And those responsible are Taurus and Cor Tauri! This heart has the power to seal, but now I have the power to keep my physical form on earth!
Page 19
Teneo - Cor Tauri was the other master ..... of Celintha.
Enceladus - I will be greater than Zeus if I can master this power! My power will be immeasurable! I can take my body out of the earth! This time the land had belonged to the giants!
Teneo - I will not allow it Great horn!
Enceladus -- How small ...
Page 20
Enceladus - Ichor Loud!

Teneo - This is not right! This shock wave! He has annihilated my great horn! How to block such an attack? it's impossible. I'm not strong enough! So that's how the battles on which the golden saints have to fight!
Page 21
Enceladus - It’s not over yet! I'll force you my opponent .... tear the Taurus Cloth to pieces! Yes, from the beginning, humans are just crawling insects. You look like your predecessor, who was murdered. But I'm not calm yet. I will cut you to pieces and bury you in the depths of the earth!
Teneo - How frustrating
Page 22
Teneo - I can not do anything, even fighting with all my strength! I could complete the mission and save the Earth.... if I were as strong as Master. Aldebaran ... damn! I can not stand it. No ... I have not used it yet ... look, Master Aldebaran ... I'm going to give my life in this attack!
Page 23
Hasgard - Do not cry ...... do not cry bull .... we must live to move forward ....
Page 24
Hasgard - We have to always remember .... Cor tauri, that great star that continued to protect humans from the shadow of mythology. And the giant star he was?
Page 25
Teneo - I must always convert my weakness into a fortress .... as if nothing had happened ....
Page 26
Teneo - I should always ... move towards the future!
Enceladus - That is? The light of the armor and the sound of a resounding. I remember this feeling ... all this is identical to that man ....
Page 27
Enceladus - It’s the Bull!
Teneo - Pope Shion told me that .... memories of our predecessors resound in our armor when we are in danger ....
Page 28
Teneo - You can see the determination ... of the man who has been here for 14 years! No, I would say for sure ... that this man has transcended time to talk to me one more time. “Live” and ... pass this on to all who are still alive!
Enceladus - So would this man's will be in Cloth? Bullshit!
Page 29
Enceladus - - I will kill you! I'm going to finish you!
Teneo - You really seem to be able to cut me in pieces. but .... I can feel that ... the taurus Cloth and ... Master Aldebaran ... are protecting me!
Page 30
Enceladus - Damn Bull!
Teneo - I believe what you taught me. I also believe in myself and in the future! I will not betray the name of the great star!
Page 31
Enceladus - Is the power of the heart gone?
Page 32
Teneo - This is ... the heart of Cor Tauri ... it is completely dry ... this heart is so small ... but it reveals such great things!
Page 34
Shion - If we are to believe in mythology, Europa was the first human on the European continent. If this is true, then all Europeans are descended from Europa. It leaves a strange sensation, does it not? Something so far away ...
Celintha - Master Shion!
Shion - Why are you here? I also came to see my companions. And I also have to pay my respects to Aldebaran.
Celintha - Your respects?
Shion - Teneo has fulfilled his mission and returned .....
Page 35
Shion - He's safe.
Celintha - Oh really? now he should be able to use the aldebaran name.
Shion - go, celintha. go to him.
Page 36
Shion - I'm sure it will be even stronger. Wrath equals you in strength and kindness. And one day he had reached his goal. And your wish will be passed on.