Chapter 86
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Gateguard - The true power of the altar constellation? However, know that, in the end, you will not reach my level while carrying a Silver Cloth. You lost this fight .... the day you gave up the Gold Cloth!
Hakurei - You do not know anything! You do not know the terror of altar!
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Hakurei - that the lamb .... be sacrificed!
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-The ... silver flames surrounded everything ... and they're getting bigger and bigger!
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-The flames formed an immense circle ..... but what about a silver fire? It's not the kisouen, it does not have heat .... how will you use those flames to fight, hakurei?
Gateguard - It's just a bluff ... is that all? In my gold Cloth, these flames do not harm me at all!
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Gateguard - It's just a silver technique! So let's see how long you will bear!
Hakurei - I already told you ...... the level difference between our Cloth does not mean anything to me! Especially when I use these flames!
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Gateguard - So petulant! Since it is so, I will sweep you from the face of the earth along with flames! Force soar!
Page 8
Gateguard- He must have been reduced to pieces. No surprise... it’s the kind of thing you'd expect when facing a gold.
Page 9
Gateguard - What? My body is heavy .... like it was made of metal ... what is it all of a sudden? No ... it is my Cloth that is heavy ... but ....
Page 10
Hakurei - Correct. Your cosmos is diminishing and is already below that of a silver.
The same can be said of your force soar. Did I not already tell you? The Cloth does not matter at all!
Page 11
Hakurei - this is the ability of the altar saint, substitute of the Pope. I can remove any saint from his cosmos and Cloth! These flames are devouring your cosmos! You will have reached the level of a bronze, then a normal human!
Page 12
Gateguard - Cosmo deprivation? For a silver like you ... against a saint of gold like me? As if I would allow it!
Hakurei - This is the privilege that was given to my body. I received these flames.
Page 13
Hakurei - These flames are the sacred fire that has been entrusted to the altar constellation since the age of myth! Your cosmos is completely returning to the sanctuary and the goddess athena. Yes, this circle formed by the flames is , indeed, a great altar!
Page 14
Hakurei - An altar on which sacrifices are offered to the gods!
Gateguard - I admit that surprised me ....
Page 15
Gateguard - I never thought that a Silver Saint would receive such a right ... this is proof of the trust that Master Itia put in you.
Hakurei - maybe that's it ..... but we can not know. You already killed him!
Gateguard- True. And that's why I'm here.
Page 16
Gateguard - I have no choice but to continue on this path! For the ideal of lord itia!
Page 18
Hakurei - It is not possible ... he wants ... to manifest more cosmos by sacrificing his vital force …
Page 19
Gateguard - You understand nothing. Absolutely nothing. Only the elect can receive a Gold Cloth. Chosen to symbolize peace! That is why we must guide the world!
Hakurei - Is that why you sold yourself to the hades army? So you decided to manipulate your comrades?
Page 20
Hakurei - For me, gold, silver and bronze are all comrades! I look at them on an equal footing, a family! And the Pope thought he would be like this with everyone!
Gateguard - As if you understood! You escaped the responsibilities of a saint of gold ........ someone like you, wearing a silver Cloth, talking about the Pope itia ...
Page 21
Gateguard - Is unbearable!
Hakurei - Gateguard .... the fairies are abandoning the soul of gateguard .......
Page 22
Hakurei - No ... as I suspected, it is not a brainwashing that makes him act this way .... he is .... acting on his own conviction! Gateguard .... what leads to this end?
Gateguard - I'll manage to kill you, at least ... yet …
Page 23
Gateguard - That I should sacrifice my whole cosmos!
Page 24
Hakurei - gateguard! Do you wish to die, gateguard? Stop!!
Page 25
Gateguard - I know that all my strength is abandoning me .... the power that I cultivated to conquer a Cloth.... gold, silver, bronze ...
Page 26
Gateguard - and, finally, a mere human. One of those humans born of evil and stupidity. And who idolizes the conflict and the destruction. That’s why…….
Page 27
Gateguard- that the gods have abandoned humans
Page 28
-your Holiness! It’s terrible ....... this child is the only survivor! It was just a small village with a church in the center! The attack was a short time ago.
Page 29
Itia- I understand.
Gateguard - What have we done to deserve this? Why did God leave us? We were happy to live in peace and pray ....... and now I feel so much hate!
Page 30
Itia - I remember this place is full of blackberries in the spring. I already ... I came here at the time of your grandparents and great-grandparents.This land suffers because of an evil god. We left the sanctuary, suffered several casualties, but finally we succeeded on this hill. Conquering peace in these lands.
Page 31
Gateguard - ah, well ... maybe it would have been better if that evil god had killed us. In the end, that peace that you have conquered has been destroyed by men! I hate them! And I hate myself for being human!
Itia - Calm child. And do not think so. We can not do anything else. But at least try not to stain your life with all that hate. You are the last son of this land, you’re the only survivor. For me and my companions, that’s a miracle
Page 32
Itia - Understood? It’s divine providence. Without it ... I do not know what we would fight for.
Page 33
Gateguard - This person .... certainly has seen things like this countless times. But by these men abandoned by the gods .... he has protected that fragile peace as a long sand castle. And I too must become a perfect human to be able to support him. So.....
Wait, hakurei!
Page 34
Gateguard - Why didn’t you try getting the gold Cloth?! You let yourself to be defeated by Sage didn’t you?!
Hakurei - Sorry, gateguard. But I do not think gold suits me.
Gateguard - Someone like You....
Page 35
-A golden light faces a silver light!
-The power of gateguard is inexhaustible?
-No, it's not that! I can already see its power deteriorating ..... It is very likely that his Cloth has already left its defensive function. He is like a lamb delivered to the sacrifice, dying in the heat of the flames.
Page 36
Hakurei - Is that really what you want? Your words are not the result of brainwashing. But the expression of what you think and what is about to give your life!
Page 37
Hakurei - If so ..... I have no choice but to kill you! As your brother in arms ... like the altar saint!
Page 38
Hakurei - Come on, gateguard! Let's end this at the next blow!
Page 39
Hakurei - It’s….the Libra Saint?
Page 41
Libra - You are too kind.
Hakurei - You....
Libra - If you want to be the substitute for the Pope, get stronger ..... both of you. Come on, gateguard.
Hakurei - Wait .... where are you going?
Libra- That is is obvious. the 12 zodiacal houses are the return point of the golden saints.

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it's time.