Chapter 59
Page 2
Aiolia - Lightning Plasma.
Koios - a sphere of lightning strikes beneath the earth .... he is trying to keep his own lightning from the reach of my black thunderbolt. The problem .... is the speed of the impaired... without counting.
Page 3
Koios - that the power of a cosmos worn to the extreme .... is insignificant.
Page 4
Aldebaran - he not only received the plasma lightning .... how did he send them all back ?!
Milo - But ... there is something strange ...!
Shaka - He did not just repel ... as he took all the bolts of Aiolia ....
Page 5
Shaka - and manipulated them!
Koios - Your cosmos is terribly ..... fragile. Advancing without thinking of anything ... this is thing of those who did not learn to fight right. Of who only knows how to throw his force against the adversary.
Page 6
Koios - You are imperfect in everything. Your misfortune began when he chose your brother as master .... before, he began when he was born as the brother of a man who had at his death the untimely death. Ebony Plasma
Page 7
Koios - his death as a Saint was part of his fate from birth. It is fate that has brought him to death .... despite this, knowing the man who is .....
Page 8
Koios - you will have risen every time ... and come forward ... even knowing ... that your end will be death. You have bravery in your eyes. And its determination is like fire ... in by itself, you do not realize …
Page 9
Koios - that your fangs ... are no longer sharpened.
Aldebaran - The lightning bolt of aiolia completely lost speed !!
Milo - No!! Do not end up like this! I ... I can not bear to see him end up like this !!
Shaka - Aiolia injected all his strength into this fight ... but it did not help.
Page 10
The golden fangs were not able ..... to reach this god.
Koios - Sincerely .... you deserve praise for having fought until today .... without a master ... without a support for your soul ... I admire you for it. And I'm proud to have fought against you.
So ... with this feeling ... I will throw my whole cosmos into you. I believe this is the greatest show of respect I can have. My great saint Aiolia ... I promise ...
Page 11
Koios - for all eternity, I will never forget your look and your cosmos, full of passion.
Page 12
Koios - Ebony Rapier
Page 13
Aiolia - I do not have a master..a support for my soul .... since my brother died ... I did not have anyone else by my side ... I was always alone … But what could I do? I was the traitor's brother .... no one wanted to come ... or teach me anything. There was not a single soul ... to stand by my side.
Page 14
Do not you think it's enough for today?
Why? I will not stop now. I'm not going to change the way I train my brother ... do you think you're doing the same training? For me, for you to have tripled the intensity. Of course. I grew up, then, nothing more logical than intensifying the training.
but I have never heard Master Aiolos forbid rest ... not to mention that he is no longer among us. Would it not be time to get another master for you? No way!!
Page 15
Aiolia - I do not want another master, except my brother ... by the way .... if you think I need someone ... why do not you become my master ?! You're from the Leo Temple too, are you not ?! Galan !!
Galan - It would be an honor, but I can not. You are much stronger than I am, master Aiolia .... and besides ... with my body like this, I would not be of great benefit in a training ..... do you understand?
Aiolia - All right ... I do not really need a master. I'll be strong on my own. Besides, who wants to be the master of a traitor’s brother?
Galan - but you are training to become strong .... and regain the honor of master Aiolos ... right?
Page 16
Aiolia - When I strengthen myself, I will have power .... and everyone will respect me.
Galan - So, I ask you. What is the strength of a Saint?
Aiolia - It's obvious. It’s to be able to defeat anyone.
Galan - I do not agree. We trusted the whole heart in the master Aiolos, and his strength ... was not from the will to defeat someone ... but from the will to protect others ....
Page 17
Galan - It is from that kind of power that miracles are born.
Aiolia - Do you think ... that I have ... will I ... have this strength in me?
Galan - Of course. You already have another strength that will lead you to that, Master Aiolia.
Aiolia - Another power beyond that from which the miracles are born?
Galan - yes, and without it too, it would not be possible to perform miracles. The strength of those who never give up, of those who rise and move on .....
Page 18
Aiolia - I lost my teacher and brother
Koios - Can he still move ?!
Aiolia - And I do not know how to fight right .... I know how to advance against the enemy .... if this is incomplete, then I must be a fucking Saint.... but ... I had someone who taught me how to think ... even without teaching me the blows ... he supported me ... and took care of me ... like a father ... like the brother I lost ... as a friend, he was always by my side, me protecting
Page 19
Aiolia - it was he who in taught the importance of moving on. I had a master who taught me the power of courage !!
Page 20
from the fist of the one who advances with courage .... the miracle is born.
Page 21
Lightning Bolt
Page 22
Koios - what a gigantic cosmo !! He is all wounded and still emanates such force ... that's the reason why I feel ... fear of humans !! Why do we, gods, repudiate humans?
Page 23
Koios - because they are very similar to us ... and yet ... they have a future of infinite possibilities !! And it is that power that we fear!
Page 24
Aiolia - Photon Invoke
Koios - use the same attack to defy an enemy that has already defeated it ... it’s totally useless ... but, if you do not have another alternative ... throw that blow …
Page 25
Koios - the amount of stars has decreased and the brightness has lost its intensity .... the power does not compare ... but if you intend to use this blow ... I will receive it. But ... I'm warning you that your destiny is being absorbed by my black thunderbolt and disappearing ...
Aiolia - I have ... yes ... another ... attack...
Koios - Hmm ... this is interesting ... and this attack is enough to defeat a god like me?
Page 26
Aiolia - it is not an attack to defeat ... this attack serves to protect all the things of the world.
Koios - Is this the source of the power you say you have?
Aiolia - That's right ... everything that sustains me today the feeling of the people .... who trusted me ... and the courage ... to respond to this feeling …
Page 27
Aiolia - only the brave ... achieve the miracle !! And I'll prove it to you.