Finding the Best FMCG Multinational Companies in Dubai

The Al Maya Group was established in the year 1982 by a highly innovative and pioneering businessman, namely Mr. L.K. Pagarani and is one of the foremost FMCG multinational companies in Dubai with a large scale global presence of its own. This is one of those FMCG trading companies in Dubai that have introduced a wide array of top global food brands to the region over the years while building up its own reputation strongly in the process. The Group is a true-blue global business conglomerate with its headquarters being present in Dubai and has become a major name in the UAE industry circuit over the years. It has more than 5,000 employees in 30 countries today across multiple business segments and divisions while covering several industries like FMCG food and non-food product distribution and processing plants in India and other global countries too. It has more than 90 retail stores spanning the GCC and UAE which include its chain of supermarkets and stores under the well-known Paperchase and Borders brands too.

The Al Maya Group has vast experience and expertise in food distribution and the FMCG space and has its headquarters in the UAE. It has already beefed up its regional presence throughout Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait over the last couple of decades while consolidating its global presence and identity through the establishment of stores across the UK (United Kingdom) and India. The Group has more than 1 million sq. ft. in warehousing space along with more than 10,000 shoppers on its rolls in addition to doing more than 15,000 deliveries each day. There are 100+ baskets available along with more than 50 supermarkets in its kitty as well. The Group also has more than 100 offices.

The Al Maya Group has a highly successful FMCG division and it has acquired several top-class global brands under a single platform including Pocari Sweat, Oronamin C, Cadbury Biscuits, Ice Cool, Koka, MTR, Gowardhan, Society, Pillsbury, Kohinoor Foods, RRO, Aeroplane, American Kitchen, Bikano, Acorsa, UFC Refresh, Renuka, Kawan, Minara, Silver Swan, Jungle Oats, KG, Polenghi, Skippy and Fulfil among others. The Group has introduced more than 50 of the best global food brands to the region with more than 1 million sq. ft. of overall warehousing space and one of the biggest logistics and distribution facilities spread throughout the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).