Chapter 5

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Miko - ah! This expedition gave us good results. In spite of everything I am satisfied with that meeting. I would love to see you again, but it will be impossible. We live in completely different worlds. I will not go back to veils, but ....

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Aiolos - Hi, yoshiko! How long it’s been!

Aiolia - Just spent a few hours.

Miko - They did not leave! You? but why?

Aiolos - Why? Because I wanted to see you, yoshiko.

Miko - Ha?

Aiolos - I have something very important to tell you.

Miko - Something important?

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Aiolos - pay me the guide service. let's go, please.

Miko - What?

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In fact, I bought several memorabilia for Aiolia and forgot everything. I spent all that the sanctuary gave me in this mission.

Aiolia - That's why we can not go back. We're out of money.

Aiolos - Then we remember you. After all, I was your guide, was not I? And on second thought, you did not pay me for it, did you?

Aiolia - Good memories make good friends. A rule we must all follow.

Miko - All right. I understand…

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Miko - Are you thinking I'm an idiot? I'll pay my debt with one blow!

Aiolia - Let's forget everything ....

Aiolos - Well ... if you can not pay us, we'll settle for half, is that okay?

Miko - And it seems that now they understand Japanese better since the first time we met.

Aiolos - So .... I speak Japanese well. But I did not make much of an effort to hit you so you would not dare to fool me. I did not feel like being a guide.

Miko - I know Japanese

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Miko - I also understood that I have no reason to restrain my anger!

Aiolos  Hang on! That can hit our face! Yoshiko! It was a joke! We just wanted to borrow this money! I can fulfill all your wishes!

Miko - All my wishes?

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Aiolos - It can not be, yoshiko ... this is ... impossible ...

Miko - but why? The Saints can not do the impossible? Your little work is to find vestiges never before found. And in return you will receive a commission.

Aiolos - I'm sorry ... I said too much when I said I could do everything ...

Did you find something with the good luckies?

Miko - Well, since we are going to Greece, would you be my tour guide? And I will pay.

Aiolia - Be encouraged, brother!

Miko - Since I'm interested in this, I pay for your expenses.

Aiolos- I beg you! Please! Forgive me!