Over the past decade, the network security market has brought high-speed growth to Fortinet, and with the development and changes in customer demand, Fortinet has been able to enter the SD-WAN market quickly and earliest. The demand for SD-WAN comes from the increasing use of public cloud services, including IaaS and SaaS. With the rapid advancement of 5G and the Internet of Things, enterprises also need to use public clouds to handle digital services. It requires a direct connection to the public cloud service provider's network. The digital transformation of enterprises has driven a variety of network connections and network traffic, which has led to the demand for SD-WAN.

At present, there is no unified definition for SD-WAN. In general, SD-WAN is a kind of SDN software definition network. It is based on user and application requirements for network traffic redistribution and path selection. You can choose enterprise MPLS network to directly connect enterprise data. The center can also connect to the Internet through other links, such as the three major carriers broadband, 4G mobile network, or through the private line of the cloud service provider, while ensuring high availability, cost optimization and security of the network. Claim. Different companies have different ways of implementing SD-WAN. At present, network equipment and solution providers are actively entering the SD-WAN market, and Fortinet is the only one in the Gartner Magic Quadrant to enter SD-WAN as a network security vendor. Manufacturer.

Fortinet can enter the SD-WAN field across the border. The first reason is that SD-WAN itself is a cross-border technology. VPN only solves the connectivity problem. The leased line solves the problem of connection quality through high cost, and the SD-WAN crossover is located. Is to solve the problem of connectivity and connection quality with low cost. Application-based routing is the most basic function of SD-WAN, and Fortinet's leadership in the NGFW market determines that the recognition accuracy for applications is world-class, and another basic function of SD-WAN: link health check It is also the basic function of Fortinet as an excellent network security company for many years. Second, Fortinet addresses the enterprise network security challenge with a secure chip + hardware approach. The product itself is part of the network, and the chip + hardware approach provides SD-WAN with secure, reliable network performance and high stability. Once again, SD-WAN is mainly used in multi-branch scenarios. This is precisely the area where Fortinet has absolute advantages. It not only understands the needs of users, but also relies on a large user base to obtain the widest range of user needs, thus helping products. Better evolution.

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