Chapter 82

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Shiryu - The vision is .... disappearing ?! Was it a dream ?! No ..... these were the last memories that I saw before I died. It is possible that these memorials have awakened ..... of a possible future .... that definitely is ..... a hell !! shun ?!

Roshi - the invasion of the great Zeus to the earth was stopped .....

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Roshi - thanks to the Saintswho sacrificed ..... and also thanks to Shun, who suppressed the consciousness of hades.

Shiryu - shun ..... got back to consciousness?

Roshi - it is difficult to say  .... hades is a mighty god.

Hades - Getting rid of a god or even controlling a deity is something impossible. inside his clouded consciousness, mixed with the memories of his friends and his brother ... while he was in despair and indulged in madness .... he continued to fight with hope.

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Hades - he was between the desire to want to control the earth and the desire to protect it. but he continued to seek a way to save them all. as he uttered a silent cry. shun never forgot the sins he committed. he can never take from his eyes .... the image of that opportunity he begged for.

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Athena .... I will never .... I will give up. I promise you!

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I will transmit your will and your feelings to a new generation .... I promise that the person who has saved all will inherit his legacy ... I assure you. this person will be, then .... the true successor of Athena!

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Mordred - although death and madness have been overcome .... that is ... even though it is ... intertwined with death .... even .....

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Mordred - that in your soul .... death is fixed .... Why can not you move now? Or is it ... that you died while standing?

Page 8

Mordred -Do not answer me, okay? I will have no mercy. the punishment for meddling in a fight between father and son will be ..... severe.

Page 9

Mordred - listen to the fleeting cry of this girl. an adoptive father who, for some reason, refuses to fall. Really it is a true proof of love. You do not think about falling. but you can not do more than stand, even if you are bathed in blood. by chance is it because he trusts in his great pride? a thought like this ....

Page 10

Mordred - It's as strong a blood-ring as it is. It's as disgusting as honey. drama light !! people who are very weak ... will disappear ..... from all dimensions!

shura !! Help my father!

Page 12

Shura - your eyes .... still .... are alive! even though Aldebaran is about to die .... he would never allow me to intrude. I can not interfere

That’s not it!

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I also understand that he does not want to be disturbed .... but I can not let that happen to him !!

He is my father! you understand?!

Shura - this is .

.... my father may die .... but there is no reason to come to this!

Shura- so trust him! aldebaran is a strong and just person .... and continue to fight using his body as a shield. he came here to protect the most important young lady of all.

shura ..... what ?!

Shura - Inside you, Toshino ....

Page 14

Shura - inside you ...... you are the soul of Athena ... listen to me! Acknowledge me! he ... aldebaran .... now is a Saints who protects the earth! Give me a proof ... that you understand!

my .... father .... that's all the time .....

Page 15

Shura - he kept standing to protect someone ...... he became a sacred warrior!

Page 16

Mordred - now ... this guy has a flashy dress ..... is not it bad taste to have so much golden glow?

Aldebaran - This Cloth is the proof of Athena's confidence in me. And that is all.

Mordred - hehe ..... right! so who are you?

Aldebaran - I am the Gold Saint of the sanctuary of athena .... my name is.... aldebaran of the bull !!