Chapter 82

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[Sanctuary. 20 years before the holy war.]
A traitor?
Sage - No, we can not say for sure. It is costly to believe that zaphiri left the sanctuary without a reason.
Hakurei - In other words ..... sage, what we fear is ......
Sage - yes, a tragedy like in our time. A tragedy like in our time. We can not allow that to happen again.
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Hakurei - Athena still is not among us ..... but the evil stars have begun to shine strongly in the sky.
Sage - we can not allow something to happen that destroys us from within. I sent a saint to blue graad. He'll find out what's really going on ....
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Rugonis - stop, zaphiri! return to the sanctuary! or I will be forced to consider you a traitor
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Zaphiri - It's too late! The Pope Sage will probably not pardon me. Pisces Rugonis. You are the man of the poisonous blood. They sent you here ... as an assassin!
Page 7
Rugonis - The scarlet needle! If I receive all of them, I'll go crazy with such pain! In that case.....
dance, black roses .... protect me ...... piranhas roses!
Page 8
Zaphiri - He was able to stop all my scarlet needles. These black roses can even destroy everything they touch, but ..... I do not have time to fight with you! If you insist on following me, I will attack you with all my strength.
Rugonis - Why?! Why should we fight between us when the holy war is so close?
Page 9
Rugonis - Among the saints, you are a man of confidence, who has the strength and prudence. Then…. Why? The Pope Sage sent me here to ask what your intentions are. He trusted you!
The same goes for me! As a saint who fought beside me all this time!
Page 10
Zaphiri - Hahahaha! It's funny to hear this from someone who has chosen to live in eternal solitude! What I can not accept is the tranquility of Pope Sage! All this passivity of the sanctuary!
Holy war is getting more and more urgent! We can no longer afford to doubt ourselves, asking what to believe!
Page 11
Rugonis - So what do you do if you lose faith in your friends before the holy war?
Zaphiri - Athena has not yet descended, right? It said that the goddess Athena appears like a baby. How long until she grows up and gives us orders? Let's wait 10 years? Maybe 20? Can we feel the awakening of the evil stars already? Will we continue to believe ...... and when we finally do something will it be too late? Can we protect the land like this?
Page 12
Zaphiri - If treachery is the only way ... if what matters is to protect the earth ... is this other god besides Athena who is able to oppose hades!
Rugonis - Zaphiri! Don’t think about it!
Page 13
Zaphiri - This is the door to the underwater sanctuary.
Rugonis- You ... can not be thinking of trusting this god ...
Zaphiri - poseidon, yes! He will be able to oppose hades in place of athena! We are in luck, he is sleeping on the seal of the goddess Athena. We can use his power as a wild card!
Page 14
Zaphiri- And I'm willing to give my life for it!
Rugonis - Do not do it! This is a crime as a saint! Although your intention is to protect the land ..... I will be forced to face you with all my strength immediately!
Page 15
Rugonis - As a traitor to the sanctuary!
Zaphiri - I'm ready for this!
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Page 17
Rugonis - It’s ... a fighting spirit that took the form of a lion! Incredible ... this spirit, able to come between us ... could it be?
Page 18
Rugonis - Ilias!
Zaphiri - The most powerful of all, the lion hero ..... did you come too?
Ilias - I smell the blood.
Page 19
Ilias - stop this fight. Nature does not want blood being shed, zaphiri.
Zaphiri - ha ... ha ... the hero ... realized ....
Page 20
Rugonis - No ... zaphiri .... could it be that ... you hit ... yourself with the 15 fatal blows of the scarlet needle?
Page 21
Zaphiri - this us my determination .... I know very well that I am committing a crime as a saint .... I went against the goddess Athena and left the sanctuary to manipulate a god. I know that even my life will not be enough to absolve my crimes!

Rugonis - You says that this is your determination .... with this determination .... zaphiri .... why don’t you believe in athena? Why don’t you believe us?
Page 22
Zaphiri - Time finally revealed the result of all this .... however, I feared that all who have faith in something would be inactive .... and I thought that if there was a way to protect the land, it would be better .... despite of the weight of the crime that I now pay with my life! Yes ..... I wanted to .... protect the land my way!
Page 23
Ilias - You won’t touch him?
Page 24
Ilias - Zaphiri was mistaken as a saint. But his will to protect this world was really unique.
And, lugonis .... to humans of toxic blood, like you .... this kind of moment may be the only opportunity to touch a comrade.
Page 25
Rugonis - What stupidity! Why should we lose a friend ?!
Page 26
-This is very bad
Rugonis - What? It’s a powerful cosmos ... it’s as if all this snow covered us.
Page 27
Krest - But what are these twins doing? A mortal struggle between saints can not be repeated. Or are we going to see ourselves again immersed in something similar to what happened in the ancient holy war? I am Aquarius Krest! I protected the sanctuary for 500 years, and I can not let that happen ................
Page 28
Krest - I swore it to an old friend ...
Rugonis - It is Aquarius krest! A survivor of the penultimate holy war! The oldest among the saints! They also say that he supports the masters sage and hakurei from the shadows since the ancient holy war. However, this young man .... he had to send a spiritual projection ....
Page 29
Krest - Thank you for having responded to my sudden call. If zaphiri had accidentally awakened poseidon ... the Pisces Saint and I would not be enough for this task. But it's unfortunate that we could not save zaphiri ....
Page 30
Rugonis - This extreme cold ... the zaphiri’s body became.....
Page 31
Rugonis - An ice cube.
Krest - Lead zaphiri to the sanctuary, and tell sage to correct his mistakes. It was a painful experience for you. Lugonis.
Rugonis - Wait Lord krest!
Page 32
Rugonis - Forgive the lack of courtesy, but you said that this happened in the last holy war .... I would like you to explain what I mean by that.

Krest - Why?
Rugonis - If something like this happened in the past, we could keep them from repeating themselves. Finally .... this will also prevent Zaphiri’s death from being in vain! to find a way to protect this land he loved so much!
Page 33
Krest - This was a nightmare of the past. companions with a better future have followed the path of evil. It's not something you need to know.
Rugonis - but....
Krest - however, zaphiri found an interesting way ..... it would have been better if I had known from the beginning .... I'm not sure it would be better to come here …
Page 34
Krest - Altar Hakurei.
Hakurei - but on the other hand, I made sure that I would not die. However .... what happened was our responsibility. We, the twins, receive this sanctuary.
Page 35
Hakurei - The oath we've made ... is not just a temporary nightmare for us. I think it has a meaning that conveys the history of the oath that you did to your friend, the previous Pope.
Is is not?
Krest - If this is your point of view, an old senile like me will not oppose .... the current sanctuary was created by you ..
Hakurei - lugonis, ilias.
Hakurei - I trust you, so I want you to hear this story ... you, like me, can transmit this story to future generations.
Page 36
Hakurei - We can say that it is part of the hidden history of the sanctuary! The kind of story that needs to be ignored!
[Sanctuary. 240 years ago.]
Page 37
Altar hakurei. 17 years.
Hakurei - At that time, we had faced the army of hades a few times ..... but the holy war had not yet begun. It was a turbulent period. And there was a disturbing rumor about the sanctuary.
Page 38
Hakurei - They said there was a traitor in the shrine with ties to hades. I would like to think that this is a silly rumor, but ....
-so be careful! Be wary! It is best to free the boss of such concerns.
Hakurei - This kind of smell .... this is ....
Page 39
Hakurei - The smell of the dead … I understand ... so you and the traitor who have ties with hades ... show yourself to start!
Page 40
Hakurei - Yes. Unexpected people leave the right path. That's the holy war. Whoever was under the robe was really sage, wearing his Cloth . Sage ?!

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