GOJU Charger

Meet the Best Portable Charger on your Juul Device


Sick and tired with running out of Juul Battery when you’re using your favorite vape device? Don’t need to delay until after your e-cig is charged to consider a hit? With all the GOJU, you will have a superior exposure to your Juul device.


This game-changing system is:


- Lightweight and ideal for travel

- Capable of being completely charged in one hour

- Useful while it’s charging


Essentially the most Convenient Method to Vape


Everything concerning the GOJU principal purpose is with convenience in your mind. You are able to safely charge your Juul device and put it to use as well. So, in case you uses up charge at an inconvenient time, you don’t must wait to obtain your vape fix. There’s even short circuit protection so you can make use of the charger safely while it's raining.

Superior Capability to Hold electrical


GOJU operates on a high-charge density 1100 mAh battery contains three charges! For this reason, you don’t have to worry about unexpectedly running out of battery within a vaping session. The highest longevity can be evident inside the highly durable aluminum casing. Even if you drop your GOJU, it will remain damage-free.

Sleek, Portable Design


No one wants a bulky e-cig charger. That’s why portability was another one individuals top priorities within the GOJU design. It’s incredibly lightweight, weighing only 50 grams. It’s in regards to the size a lipstick. But don’t let the size fool you. This portable charger packs a punch together with the equivalent energy 300 to 600 AAA batteries! You won’t find anything for the vaping market that’s as sleek, slim, and portable because the GOJU.

Low Environmental Impact


If you’re not aware of your vaping habits, it’s simple to create a lots of waste. The GOJU is a low-waste substitute for traditional vaping. The GOJU will last 1 to 2 years or 300 to 600 charging cycles. During the period of its lifetime, another vaper could have used about 600 batteries which will result in the landfill.

Gain levels on Your E-Cig Game With all the GOJU Charger


We believe from the GOJU much that individuals offer you a one-year warranty on your device!


The GOJU will quickly become the perfect new favorite portable charger along with your Juul device’s BFF. Get yours today!