Unlike fruits and vegetables that can be preserved for many days without spoiling, thin leafy green vegetables usually wilt after about a day, even bruised, can no longer be used. A secret to preserving green vegetables in the refrigerator introduced below will help you overcome this. Along section of Food Tips for reference!




You don't have to just put green vegetables in the refrigerator and you can keep them for several days. In fact, to preserve it for a long time, you need to perform a few extra steps as follows:

How to preserve green vegetables


Step 1: First, if you want to preserve the fresh vegetables for a long time, you need to wash them thoroughly with water before putting them in the refrigerator. Because if vegetables have a lot of chemicals, bacteria will quickly spoil. Note: In this step, you should be gentle, because if the vegetables are crushed, it will be very difficult to preserve for a long time.

Step 2: You put the vegetables in the basket, splash all the water. Then, put them on a piece of tissue, cover with another tissue and use your hand to press lightly to absorb all the water. This step helps to drain vegetables effectively, limits vegetable waterlogging due to too much water on vegetables.

Step 3: You use another piece of tissue to wrap the vegetables. If too much, you can divide the vegetables into sections and packages. This will help the vegetables retain moisture better and minimize withering.

Step 4: Put the packages of vegetables wrapped in tissue into a plastic zip bag. If you don't have a plastic zip bag, you can replace it with a plastic bag and make sure to tie the top of the bag tightly.

Step 5: Finally, you put the vegetable bag in the refrigerator compartment and you're done.


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Some other note

Preservation at low temperatures: If you want the vegetables to stay fresh for a long time, you should refrigerate them at a temperature of 1-4 degrees Celsius, not too high or too low. Because, if the temperature is too low, the vegetables will freeze, quickly spoil. If it is too high, it will create a favorable environment for bacteria to thrive.

Do not put it together with cooked food: Cooked food will multiply bacteria. So if put together, green vegetables have a great risk of being damaged by bacteria.

Do not mix with fruits that produce ethylene: Some vegetables are very sensitive to ethylene gas. If stored in an environment containing this gas, they will be very susceptible to yellowing, bruising and damage. Therefore, in addition to not storing with ripe food, you should also avoid storing with fruits that produce ethylene such as apples, tomatoes, bananas ...

Separate leaves and stems: For vegetables that use both stems and leaves such as sweet potatoes, spinach, spinach ... you should separate the leaves and stalks and store in 2 different bags. At the same time, the stems, leaves, yellowish, and boots should be discarded to avoid adversely affecting the rest of the vegetables.

Above is the secret to preserving fresh green vegetables for a long time with a few other notes. Hopefully with the above information, Eurasian Kitchen's share will be useful to you. Wish you successful application! Refer to the article: Tips to preserve vegetables in the refrigerator everyone should know