Chapter 101

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Aiolia- The positions of the Gold Saints in their entirety .... are determined at the time of their birth. even among the Saints, they are creatures with exceptional powers. They are beings with cosmos overflowing .... and that is why many of them have achieved these positions while still young. That is what it means to be a Gold Saint. A being chosen by the gods. And that's why .... almost all who became Gold Saints never wore other Cloth before.
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Aiolia - Those who shine with this light know nothing beyond the long way. But among them ... there are some saints who can be called an atypical class, they are the exception.
[Lightning Concentration]
They are a very scarce light .... they travel on a path of thorns .... take their efforts above their own abilities, their talents and their glories .... those who have reached the posts of Bronze Saints... .but they have not been from an elite post since they were born, they never surrendered. And of that, after so much dedication they reached the highest class among all. They, who wore the Gold Cloth, often overcame the line separating life from death.
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Aiolia -They have exceedingly exceeded their own limits. Achieving miracles! [Lightning Plasma]
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Aiolia - If a bronze Saint, under these conditions, again uses his own Cloth... then the technique he has mastered is transformed into his own original powers ... and it emerges as the power of a new Gold Saint. That is providence . He that I will destroy .... has this providence. He lost the powers he acquired as a Bronze Saint... and trained more and more intensely, gaining the power of a new Gold Saint. And now ... the Cloth of the one who combines both powers is born again.
Page 5
Aiolia - The two powers converge and become one ... in reality manages to completely evolve the Cloth, generating a new miracle. This is the appearance of a .... Shin Cloth
Page 6
Seiya - A Shin Cloth? I've never heard of it.
Saga- It’s obvious. Ikki has reached his present stage in this world. This appearance is that of .... a unique sacred treasure.
Page 7
Aiolia - The flames ... are rising from the ground. no ... they rise from the depths of the ground ?! A red as bright as hell .... are the flames of hell itself!
Page 8
[Concentration of the infernal flames!]
Aiolia - What are these extraordinary flames?! Is this real or is it an illusion ?! is this real? Is this a…..mental attack?
Page 9
[Judgment of the flames of hell!]
Page 10
[Whirlwind of Flames of Hell]
Aiolia - Are you attacking me on two fronts ?! The whirlwind of flames restrains the movements of my body as they burn ... and the flames of hell invade my cosmos and my mind .... incinerating them! Instead of letting them burn ... I will give everything of my heart and my body!
Page 11
Aiolia - If everything is consumed ... for me it's okay! I will abandon everything ... for a power that surpasses that of humans! I will exist on the edge of infinity!
Page 12
[Flame Lightning]
Page 13
the identical existences ... are about to collide ... until annihilation !!