[An] exciting summer vacation, is here! How will Aqours spend itー?

Chika: AHHH!! I've been waiting for summer vacation to arrive~!! Ever since childhood, summer vacation has been my favorite part of the year♪ The ocean, the mountains, the pool, and the rooftop! Anywhere, everyday, Aqours is going to practice♡♡♡

Q: What are some summer necessities?
A: Shaved Ice and Ase Fuki Sheets [A facial wipe for sweat]


Riko: This summerーAqours' rehearsal schedule is packed! For indoor people like me, it could be a difficult summer, but I will do my best for the grand prize♪

Q: What are some summer necessities?
A: Sunscreen, a Parasol, and Earl Grey Iced Tea


Kanan: Summer is alwaysー a *top season* for the diving shop, I'm [always] helping my grandfather as a hard-working labor girl, so I get to work under the shining sun each day~!! You should come visit, alright♡

Q: What are some summer necessities?
A: Straw Hats and Cider for after work


Dia: Each year, summer vacation has its seminars and lessons, so my schedule is completely full. This year, I opened my schedule up for Aqours' sakeーI think I can actually play around a bit♡

Q: What are some summer necessities?
A: Kamitome [a big hair clip] and a brand new Yukata



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