Chapter 64
Page 1
Hyperion - Long ago, still in the age of the Gods, we were defeated in the Titanomachy, and banished to Tartarus and from the face of the earth. We were stripped off of our life, light...even our hope. And all the doors to the future were closed to us. However, here we are, alive once again, filled with a new power and ready to create a new future

Page 2
Hyperion - This is not the end. On the contrary, it is the beginning of everything.
Aiolia - He destroyed the sun ... his own guardian planet ?!
Page 3
Hyperion - What will end now is not just this war...but every existence that opposes our future.
Page 4
Aiolia - It did not explode !! This appearance with prominence on the back ... must be Hyperion's 100% state. All right then!! If so, I too ... I'm going with all my strength !! Lightning Bolt
Page 5
Hyperion - Espada proeminente
Page 6
Aiolia - He did not fight back ... he did not even defend himself from my thunderbolt ... he just cut it in half! but spades like this always take a long time to pass from one attack to another.
Page 7
Aiolia - what time to get closer ... and take this fight to melee. On here!! just like the other time, his flank is his blind spot !! And with this huge sword, you will not be able to defend yourself !!
Did I hit him ?!
Page 8
Aiolia - I did not feel any impact !! He split up ?! Or was it just an illusion ?! No!!! It was a residual image !!! He made the prominences of his back shine with all force ... so that the intense light would create that residual image of himself in my eyes !! but what is most surprising
Page 9
Aiolia - Is that he was able to move so quickly, soon after waving that whole volume of sword .... and practically ... at the speed of light !! So, the ability to move at the speed of light is not exclusive to the Gold Saints.... the Titans are capable too !!
Page 10
Aiolia - another image ?! I'm not understanding anything anymore !! Where is the true hyperion ?! I can not hit it !!!
Page 11
Aiolia - right in front of me ?!