Five Common Septic Tank Problems That Can Turn To Disasters


A septic system is a crucial component of any household. It features the ability to hold human biological waste, kitchen wastes, and liquids. These features can create potential issues which mostly come from the inability to handle some forms of wastes. These are five common septic tank problems that can turn to household disasters. 

Too Much Water

Excess use of water is one of the primary cause of septic tank problems among homeowners. The issue comes from the household’s septic system unable to effectively break down solid wastes. Having too much water inside can create blockages in the tubes and lead to seepage. If you encounter such issue, then you might need to consider septic tank emptying Hampshire. They have the expertise to address the problem and resolve the problem. 

Blockage from Non-Biodegradable Waste

Non-biodegradable waste is another septic tank Hampshire issue that many homeowners encounter. The problem comes from people flushing unnecessary items that lead to the septic storage. These include tampons, diapers, paper towels, and cigarette butts. Over time, these items can clog your system and create foul-smelling seepage. While you can always hire experts to drain, the effort can become costly and strain your existing budget. 

Excessive Detergent Use

Homeowners can experience a clogged septic tank Hampshire due to excessive use of detergents. Potential clogging can occur because of how phosphates found in detergents can stimulate the growth of algae. These have the potential to limit the natural flow of perforation inside the pipes. That is why it is advisable to monitor your usage of detergents and filter excessive residue. Alternatively, you can explore the use of liquid or gel soaps to clean your clothes or dishes. These forms do not contain phosphates that can potentially block the pipes of your septic system. 

Using the Wrong Material

Septic tanks require specific materials to function effectively. Some homeowners make the mistake of choosing ones that can create future problems. For instance, the use of concrete has the potential to develop erosion while steel components can become subject to oxidation and rust. All these points the value of using plastic septic tanks because of their durability and capacity to withstand elements underground. 

Harsh Chemicals

Finally, the inclusion of harsh chemicals can eventually disrupt the natural flow of your septic system. These hazardous chemicals such as brake fluid, gasoline, motor oil, and paint thinners can become toxic and cause pollution in the surrounding areas. Chemicals can also cause kill off the natural bacteria crucial in the breakdown of natural wastes. If you experience such problem, you might need to get a septic tank emptying Hampshire provider to address your concerns. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, a septic system remains an essential part that homeowners should oversee and maintain. The points above indicate the common problems you might encounter. Having a strong knowledge of what you can put in the location can help in protecting the environment, reducing contamination, and saving from unnecessary repairs. Should you encounter issues, there are contractors capable of assessing and resolving your needs.