Chapter 102
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Aiolia - I will leave everything in this place ... my feelings ... my soul ... my heart ... I will leave everything ... from now on I will surpass the humans ... the power of despair!
Page 2
Aiolia - This is…. The 9th sense!
Page 3
[Lightning Flame]
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Page 5
Seiya - Ikki! Is the lightning burning ?! Ikki, who is wearing a Shin Cloth, was repelled with just one attack! it is not possible that such a power exists! The power of Aiolia is surpassing that of humans!
Page 10
Ikki - This great power... this cosmos ... it’s a brutal presence ... no ... it’s more than that ...
Page 11
Ikki - These eyes..are like a demon’s !!
[Lightning implosion]
Page 12
[Lightning Maximum Limit]
Page 13
Seiya - A technique I did not know .... are all these top-level techniques? He received the full impact of the power they had both concentrated ....
Page 14
Seiya - Aiolia rivaled him and did not allow him to start a war of 1000 days... surpassing all his limits ?! I have no intention of forcing a fight between the two. But I can stop him ... even with the Pegasus Cloth being on the edge ... I have no choice but to use a new power!
-Hang on! Do not do that, Seiya.
Seiya - you are…..
Page 15
Shun - That I can not allow to happen, seiya. this is my duty!
Seiya - Shun?!