Chapter 73

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Aiolia - You're definitely like the other gods. You really have trouble understanding simple things, don’t you? I just said I swore to protect you. Have you forgotten? What kind of protection would I give you if I let you fall?
Cronus - But he's crazy, too. You can’t protect yourself because of the repetitive attacks. He was the first to jump to save me.


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Aldebaran – How inconsistent. Your courage has no limits? Did you think before you act, Aiolia?
Aiolia - But I thought that this was the cause of what you told me, Kamus. I told you that the comrades who fight alongside me will not abandon me.
Aldebaran - Pff. Agreed. So what's the impression that it leaves you?
Aiolia - My impression? Um, how to say ... I'll answer you...


Page 5
Aiolia - Sorry ... we had to use you as an elevator replacement. But it did us a good job.
Shaka - Me, an elevator? What a way to express yourself. It was a bit rude, don’t you think?
Aiolia - Sorry, it was not very nice. I have you. Lithos ... sorry for making you wait.


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Lithos - I ... I always believed in you Aiolia-sama, I knew you would come to help me. You told me you'd protect me, Aiolia-sama ... I never stopped believing in you.
Cronus - Again this expression. Is this word “believe” a worthwhile word to put lives in danger?


Page 7
Cronus - I ... I do not understand the weight of that word.
Aiolia - Oh, it's okay if you do not understand.
Cronus - Eh?
Aiolia - Do you want me to explain what trust is? Believing in someone.... is something you feel deep in your heart.


Page 8
Aiolia - A man who can believe in someone ... is at the same time a person who receives the confidence of others first handed.
Aiolia - And soon you ... should probably don’t remember ... but you are certainly an individual who is in a position to receive the trust of others. Because you’re the king of the gods.


Page 9
Milo - I would really love to hear some explanations from this guy ...
Aiolia - What are you doing here? Appearing like this without warning?
Milo - So it is true?
Aiolia - What?
Milo - Is this weakling even a king? One of the gods? As far as I know, he didn’t look like one until now.
Aiolia - Do not call him weak. Do not laugh at him!
Milo - In that case, if we defeat him now, this war will end, will not he?
Aiolia - In no way!!
Milo - Damn you! You dared to attack me. I will not forgive you
Aiolia - Oh oh! I'll give you another blow.
Cronus - You call that trust too?
Lithos – Don’t look please.


Page 10
Shura -if that king agrees to put his trust on us, then .... such a thing won’t be necessary ...
Aldebaran - yes, it would be possible to live in harmony.
Shura - yes, we can accept each other and build trust. Other combats should not be performed.
Shaka - Without a leader this battle should be over. And that would bring peace immediately. It would be the most natural in the world.


Page 12
Cronus - Are these confrontations ... finished?
Aiolia - So ... let's just say ... it just depends on your desire, your majesty.
Cronus - Is this a decision of mine?
Aiolia - I believe so.
Cronus - Only you can make that decision.
Aiolia - Only me?


Page 13
Aiolia - At that very moment many lives are struggling and disappearing from this world. Deep down they are all scared, but they cling to the courage to stay alive and stand. It’s your faith that gives you strength to face death face to face. Something that is protection for them it’s the faith that they has in their king. These souls believe in you ... they take your worth.
Cronus - If I want to save my people must I end to this war?
Aiolia - Indeed.


Page 14
Cronus - But is it really possible? I have lost my powers and my memories. Could I lead the people like a king?
Aiolia – If you could? I think so, because you’re the man that Hyperion believes in. A man of a power and an incredible splendor, worthy of his confidence. 
Cronus - As soon as he believed in yourself. Lithos told me something. That this world of light belongs to no one. It is for all living beings. are these words true?
Aiolia - Lithos did not lie.


Page 15
Aiolia - This world that benefits from the sun is full of life. It is a place where everyone has the right to live.
Cronus - I do not understand. What you said to me should fill me with joy, and still ... it’s so unreal.
But I feel happy.


Page 17
Aiolia - it's gonna be okay. You have the right to go into a world bathed in light.You have the right to live. And if the intruders do not agree, I'll understand.


Page 19
Pontus - It’s the moment I was waiting for! That moment when your heart has just discovered peace is what I am going to unite with the despair. It will join the darkness accompanied by despair. This is Cronus’s destiny that can not be changed! This heart that will be hurt is just a heart that knows what is hope! It is that despair that will fill your cosmos with darkness. At the hour this darkness will give your Dunamis a dark glow.


Page 20
Pontus - the day of returning Cronus the time and memory that had been torn from him, has arrived.
Mnemosyne - memory released


Page 21
Cronus - Earth belongs to no one. What you told me is true?
Aiolia - Eh? What you mean?
Cronus - Nothing, I just wanted to be sure. Of that ... many times have passed so far without Earth having an owner. This Earth belongs to no one. So if that’s how it is….


Page 22
Cronos – Then I won’t bother anyone ... if I take it for myself?
Aiolia – Cronos


Page 23
Milo - What just happened? 
Aldebaran - What is this immense Cosmos?
Shura - Until now there was no sign of him, but ... suddenly a terrible power emanated from him.
This water sealed ... and projected from all parts in great maelstroms.


Page 25
Lithos - Aiolia-sama, please !! Come help it it’s very strange !! He’s completely different from how it was a moment ago!!! Something must have happened ... something terrible has just hit him !!

Aiolia - Get away, Lithos. This man is no longer the little boy who shed tears. He is who the one from the mythological times that is famous for having committed partricide. He is the god who stole countless lives to have the world in his hands.


Page 27
Cronus - And now humans, I think it's the big moment to end it after such wait. I came to bring ... the ruin ...

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