Chapter 57

Page 3
Eurybia- Kreios....! the cosmos of my beloved husband ... with the sacred blood that flows in his veins ....
Page 4
Eurybia - it was emptied by the Milky Way ... and disappeared !!
Pontus - A god was cast down.
Page 5
Pontus - Mother, please do not cry, because it has to do with destiny. All this is so you can wake up ....
Page 6
Pontus - for the planet to be yours again, the mother ... everyone in this world ... humans and other gods must be extinguished. Prometheus!! Are you watching everything ?! You, who have been many times between life and death, and watched everything from both sides ... you must be seeing my companion too !!
Prometheus - This companion who is gone from the real world ... now returns sucking the cosmos of the dead Titans ....
Page 7
Prometheus - This great god of the ancient times, the creator of the world, returns to the present world ... its appearance is still fragile, weak and imprecise ....
Page 8
Prometheus - Her shadow is approaching and soon the light will risen ....
 Is this the destination ?! a future in which an old deity had created a new world, in which people and gods would fall to the ground?
Page 9
Shura - I need go .... I will not fail to keep the promise .... because it is a promise that I can not betray.
Page 10
Shura - I promised I would go next .... It was a promise ... that I made ... to a friend ... Aiolia !!
Page 11
Aiolia - Shura ?!
Aldebaran - the cosmos of shura grew for an instant and suddenly disappeared ?!
Milo - Hm ... are you insinuating that he's dead ?! This is unacceptable!! a Gold Saint would never be defeated !!
Shaka - he is not a man to break a promise made to his fellow-men. let's move on. That was the deal with him.
Page 12
Aiolia - no waiting for him. we need to move on ... to find Cronos soon !!
Hyperion - Humans rising against the gods .... this should be unthinkable in the world of men !!
Page 13
Hyperion - But they get up, time after time ... how is that possible? they are human ... but ... they can accomplish so many miracles ....

Koios- the gods, and the humans ... we have a definite difference between our existence. And I think I finally understood what it is.
Hyperion - So tell me ... Koios....
Page 14
Koios - Humans can achieve miracles ... because they know the value of life. The only thing that makes men overcome gods ... is the fact that they do not have eternal life. They have only one life. And because they are warriors, the life of men becomes precious. And much heavier too.
To them they are given a unique chance to live ..... and men do not fear to consume it to challenge the gods. The cosmos that is born of our lives .... although extremely powerful, is cold and gloomy. The life of a human being is short and fragile ....
Page 15
Koios - but his cosmos shines radiantly ....
Hyperion - because we are immortal, we do not understand the preciousness of life .... This is insinuating that, therefore, we will be defeated ..
Koios - By these beings of limited life?
Page 16
Koios - but if it is necessary a limited life to have this understanding .... I and they are on the same level.
Hyperion - what?
Koios - I understood where the strength of humans comes from ... so I can see what I lack. Phoebe... delivered to me .... if it is life we need ... the price ... will be my life. Your planet.
Page 17
Phoebe - what do you mean by that? Will not you let me go with you? If you're implying that I do not have the capacity, I will not forgive you. Even though you're my husband.
Koios - You are not my wife. I want you to have a good life .... and be a goddess who builds a new world. a world that will be…
Page 18
Koios - The cornerstone.
Aiolia - Another planet is being born ?! This cosmos ?! I already felt it before !! This powerful and gigantic cosmos !! it can only be him !!
Page 19
Planet of black lightning
Page 20
Aiolia - the black lightning is creating a lightning path !! This huge cosmos ... can only be his !! The God who hitchhikes on the black lightning !!
Page 21
Koios - I already see new people ..... I must introduce myself ... I am Koios of the black lightning
Aiolia - This is the god that has a faster bolt than mine !!
Koios - Ha, how long, kid ... was looking forward to this day.
Aiolia - What a coincidence ... me too.
Page 22
Koios - Last time, our fight ended unsatisfactory for you, did it not? I’m sorry... and I promise that, this time, I will not let anything get in the way … I'm a god but I come here .... to fight with you from man to man.
Aiolia - I know. I think the same way. No one will disturb us this time. Yes, let's get it right. Me and you .... this is it. Who will decide this fight is us.
Page 23
Shaka - Lightning?! But the power of the lightning was not allowed among the Titans .... the absence of this power caused the Titans to be defeated by Zeus .... but Koios is a god excluded from mythology .... a god who was banished even from the history of the gods ... perhaps because Zeus feared his power?
Page 24
Shaka - will this be the god who has the power to destroy even the gods ?!
a lightning manipulator
Page 25
Aiolia - He's different. His fist isn’t the only thing that accelerated !!! all his power sped up in the blink of an eye and disappeared !!!
Page 26
Aiolia - He accelerated with everything to get past me and dodge my revolving kick .... and accelerated again, then after, to get back in front of me ?! It means that it is faster than my blow ... or better ... it’s faster than my lightning !! You disappeared again ?!
Page 27
Hyperion - Lightning rod
Page 28
Aiolia - damn .... it's all different from before ... so, this is the true power of Koios?!
Koios - my name is Koios. He who knows the true providence of God.