Chapter 57

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Asmita - Tenbu Hourin! First sense removal! Tenbu horin is the truth of the universe, the most powerful Virgo technique! Your five senses .... no, this will destroy your seven senses! But, as you know, in the underworld souls exist without a body. That is, when all your senses are destroyed .... remove the second and third senses!
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Asmita - Souls return to nothingness!
Atavaka - I can not ... see ... I can not ... hear ... my body is dormant ...
Asmita - atavaka, you have lost the senses of touch, vision and hearing. Now you are in complete darkness, prevented from even moving a finger. You said you were the closest to the gods in the underworld. This must be like a mosquito bite for you ....
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Asmita - Now I will remove your remaining senses! the sense of the taste, and the one born of the intellect, the sixth sense! Along with ..... the seventh sense! Disappear, demon! tenbu hourin!
Total removal of the senses!
Page 4
Asmita - Was he shattered into pieces?
Page 5
Asmita - ahimsa .... I ... never felt such anger or sadness in my life .... at least allow these feelings become my tribute to you ... ahimsa ... no, ahimsa ... I wanted to save you ...
Page 6
Atavaka - he .... are becoming sentimental, Virgo? And I thought you had the void, just like I ...
Asmita - Atavaka? even after receiving my tenin hourin, you still…...
Atavaka - That's right, your tenin hourin has no effect on me. On the contrary, it only made clear to me the difference that exists between you and me!
Asmita - What? The space of my tenin hourin is distorting!
Page 7
Atavaka - There are still impure, worldly desires in your heart. Those gifted with the dawn of being the closest of the gods must have emptiness within them!
Asmita - These are .... the mandalas of the dead .... they are covering the space?
Atavaka - Now it's my turn! Notice the truth of the universe!
Page 8
Atavaka - Maten Muhourin!

Asmita - Damn .... I can not feel my body ... I can not hear it and I also feel like I'm choking ... my five senses ... he took them from me? something is coming from this gap ...
Page 9
Asmita - It's flowing for me! their pain
Page 10
Atavaka - You are immature, Virgo.
Asmita - what?
Atavaka - What fools you? Why do you sympathize with the pain of the dead?
Asmita - bastard....
Page 11
Asmita - what? Behind him, some of the tormented souls are fading ... as if their senses were being destroyed. that means that .... it was not atavaka who .... stole my tenbu hourin?
Atavaka - It looks like you noticed.
Page 12
Atavaka - That's right! As long as I have these mandalas, the tenbu bourin will have no effect on me! Instead it will destroy the senses of the dead that I assimilated! You can even harm me if you destroy this shield of millions of souls ....
Asmita - you....
Atavaka - You can not, right? This is because there are still passions in your heart.
Page 13
Atavaka - but in my heart there is nothing! State of Altruism! The dead can cry and beg for salvation ... but my heart will not be shaken! A heart that seeks only the truth!
Page 14
Atavaka - If you do not have such a heart, I will do it from my universe!
Asmita - An immense pain is falling on me! He can not be ... he sucks all those souls because of my attack?
Atavaka - The time of talking is over! Return to nothing, Virgo!
Asmita- You…
Page 15
Asmita - Do you think I'll accept that truth?
Atavaka- Maten muhourin! Destruction of all the senses!
Asmita - I'm free!
Page 17
Are not you going to eat, asmita? hakurei will rebuke you again.
no ..... I must beg for your loss ... I am far from the forest of austerity and still feel the pain in the world.
As I thought, I have no pain of my own .... so even though I feel the pain of others, not the real one for me. I can not save anyone.
Page 19
Truth. This world is transitory. Not only you, but all the people will make them empty. However, asmita ... the fact that you are here, thinking. it must be some kind of destiny.

Your senses outweigh those of other people. That's why you've begun to incorporate all the pain in you. But even this fact is part of your destiny, this molding you ... will achieve enlightenment someday, asmita ....
Page 20
You should not think .... that is empty ... see yourself as a human being who has anger and sadness within himself.
Then you will see for sure. That you're close to becoming a god. But you're not one.
Page 21
And there's nothing wrong with that.
Page 22
Atavaka - What ... is happening? At the same time, the dead began to sing the shakyamuni mantra. stop it! You are already one with me! Stop acting against my will! I am your universe!
-ah, sure ..... no one here agrees with that.
Atavaka - ugh !!
Page 23
Atavaka - .... it can not be .... you came back from nowhere!
Page 24
Atavaka - I see, it’s that dead one ... he broke his mandala ... he sacrificed his senses to save Virgo? but how can he get out of the mandala being a simple entity?
Ahimsa - Asmita. Hey, Asmita! You've done a lot of things, but you really care about people. You always go through everything with a serene face. Everyone is asking me to even let you die. Even about to fall into hell, they keep saying that. Because we'd rather bet on his truth than yours.
Ahimsa - Why are you so suppressed?
Asmita - Ahimsa ....
Page 25
Ahimsa- This ... because you are the one who cries for us.
Page 26
Atavaka - the lotus position? What the hell do you think you're doing?
Page 27
Asmita - To give a sermon, obviously. For The souls accumulated here.
Atavaka - No way. They're already part of me!
Asmita - They're just scum! No sermon will save them now!
Asmita - You’re wrong, atavaka.
Page 28
Asmita - I can not save anyone. To achieve salvation or enlightenment is the result of the individual search of each one. There are so many things inside us … Be joy or sadness. But when you know the universe within you ... you become one with the universe.
Page 29
Asmita - This is something that you can not simply claim for yourself! Atavaka! Your vile universe must be destroyed!
Atavaka - I will not allow it, Virgo!
Page 30
Asmita - Dance, dharma wheel! Leave the souls free!
Ahimsa - maten muhourin!
Page 31
Asmita - Removal of the .... eighth sense!
Atavaka - It’s .... the wheel of samsara! If I get sucked by it ... I will not reincarnate more like a specter. Argh!
Page 32
Asmita - The wheel of samsara .... the souls have opened the way, now that they are free? Outside of your own will .... soon you will have to go too ....
Page 33
Asmita - Ahimsa. I am glad you have helped me, however ... your body is in poor condition and will really be destroyed.
Ahimsa - but .... what will happened to me when I return to samsara? I will return to this infernal world only to die again. So I'll show up here one more time, right?