Chapter 2
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Miko - The aswan dam was built to stop the frequent overflows of the Nile River over Egypt. With it was obtained the hydroelectric energy, the fertilization of the desert soil and the abundant fishing but ... not everything was good.
Many of his cities, along with some important rupines of Egypt, would eventually be submerged. Even the famous abu simbel temple would disappear, but thanks to the support of Unesco, these were transferred in its current location. Meanwhile, I believe there are still important ruins underwater. My dream is to find them ... so I came to Egypt ... I did not come ....
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Miko - I did not come to Egypt to be a babysitter ..... I should have refused, but ...
What the hell! I can not talk in Japanese. I'll see if I can in English. So ... little Leo. It's all right? I know it's at night, but you're not afraid? Until your brother comes back, you will be with me. So do not feel alone. I'm sure he'd be back soon. Alias, do you want some water?
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Aiolia - I do not understand yoshiko's English, but I understand her Japanese. It's better to use Japanese.
Miko - Wow, Leo. You are very skilled with Japanese ..... I understand that I am not very skilled, but why do I have to suffer this humiliation?
Aiolia - In that place ... you are ... what is yoshiko looking for?
Miko - There's nothing here. I am certain that there are ruins under this water .... and also ... I believe that the entrance of these ruins must be underground and that to arrive it has to cross some river near the surface.
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Miko - you see, that's where I found that fissure in the rock ... I think that could be the entrance.
Aiolia - And why not dig? And you're bad in English?
Miko - Although they find the ruins, they continue being jurisdiction of the ministry of archeology of Egypt. I can not dig where I want. (English is not the problem) I've been looking for an agreement with a coordinator who has a good communication with the government .... and they introduced me to Mr. Lius, but I could not. Even though I did not talk to him much ... it was already too late. And despite this, your brother left you in my care …
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Miko - But you do not have to worry, little Leo. Even if you have very ugly things around here, this beautiful girl will protect you! Let's move on! I practice karate. I took a black belt correspondence course.
Aiolia - Yoshiko .... The thing that is there ... is reacting to my cosmos. See you there
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Miko - Did you say who comes ... what comes there? Come on, do not make me ....
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Miko - Ahhh! What the hell is this? it is a dream?
Aiolos - It's late ... it's late at night.
Galan - Are not you being a bit selfish? Do you believe that this level of formality is necessary for the sanctuary?
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Galan - first and foremost, on the negotiation with the government of Egypt ... tonight will be the only one in which they can enter these ruins ... nothing has prevented their entrance. The cosmos that can be felt in this very suspicious place ... will you not accompany the young lady?
Aiolos - There is? Why? If yoshiko has already met, I'm glad I did not have to go there.
Galan - It may be dangerous! As an explorer, it must be regrettable that this is no longer in the hands of the normal world. Already the cosmos that floods this place belongs to the world of the sanctuary.
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Aiolos - even so, she was respectful only for having discovered them and asked me to protect her at all costs .... do not you agree? I want to believe in your friendship
Galan - You’re a good person ... although I am not your servant ... I must say that in my present position as a Saint’s apprentice, I can not oppose a Gold Saint.
Aiolos - But what are you saying? We'll be the same soon!
Galan - Your protective lion constellation decided to choose you ....
Aiolos- what you mean?
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Galan - who elects the Gold Saints are not the humans ..... who decides are the stars ..... the goddess Athena and the desire to protect all and the peace. Even if I am not elected, I would agree that it was the right decision .... And in spite of that, you believe that I will be elected ... but in any case .... where is the girl you should protect?
Aiolos - Ah ..... are you referring to Miss Yoshiko? At that moment she is where I left her. She'll be fine. Aiolia is with her.
Galan - How is it? This is ridiculous! Why is Aiolia the only one with her if you said she would protect her?
Aiolos- This is because ... I believe in him.
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Aiolos- The master of Aiolia is me, even though he is only a boy, he wishes to be a Saint and therefore, it is in his nature to protect people. If I believed him, then Aiolia had also believed in himself. You do not believe in him? Besides, Aiolia has a power that I do not have. The power of the divine roar, which is permitted only to the great gods.
Miko - I'm not understanding what's happening. Come on .... Let's run! Little Leo ... let's go ... here! Static? No ..... they are....
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Miko- are electric discharges?
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Miko - what?
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Miko - What was this? I could not see anything. Even though this huge shadow has come to attack us .... it disappeared in such a short time .... I could only see a light .... no, it was not just that ....
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Miko-What cut the darkness directly ... was it a thunderbolt?Little leo
Aiolia-yoshiko ....
Look ... right there .... It's open ....
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The theory of yoshiko .... seems to be right. Further on ... there is the Tartarus.