Chapter 85
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we can not do it.
karma was responsible for this.
really .... this is a problematic situation ....
What if I can not do anything? this must be fate.
Hey, master ... will not you do anything? You......
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What's the work of this damn alive one ?! if I were the last ..... I would end it all!
And you do not have any problems with that, do you?
Do you plan to take part alone in all your sins?
Exactly ... I will not let those who died, leave!
I will be the one .... who will make the distinction of good and evil!
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I understand ..... but, remember .... just what you need to do. This does not mean that everything ends with a happy ending ... well, it can also make you happy!
hehehe .... this will not work ... since a long time ... I am accustomed to resentment.
Page 4
since even an opponent who chastises me ... I can also save.
Roshi - So we broke up. This is the moment when I return.
Shiryu - old master
Roshi - shiryu .... we already know the leader's decision ....
Page 5
if you choose not to accompany me ... everything is fine too. which future would be correct? As humans, we are not gods. the power of choice is capable of everything! the result is that, dyed with blood ... we will kill each other.
Page 6
Roshi - and this, once again .... will be part of destiny.
Page 7
Kokuto - How much power ... you will regret it!
Shina although nobody knows this place ... you were the one who protected my rear. I'm grateful ..... Kokuto.
Page 8
Kokuto - You just protected me in such an impotent place as this. as an Amazon ..... and as a mother! I apologize!
Shina - Are you planning to take yoshino? the last fortress .... is a block of ice?
Kokuto - in fact ...... I'm sorry, Shina.
Shina - just promise me one thing, Saga .... if yoshino decides his way on his own. Do not think that I will stop warning you. this is because the future of yoshino is only about her!
Page 9
the moment she decides who she is with ... she has not inferred at all! the future of the people is something that .... manifests when making a decision.
Page 10
Yoshino - Oh, how incredible! really ... the torii emerges from the waters of the sea !! look, shura!
Shura- in fact .... it’s a magnificent view!
Page 11
Shura - There is no adjective more appropriate to this than ...... beautiful! this dish ... the Torii .... and eating these other appetizers .... is splendid!
Yoshino - hey, what about here? Momiji manjuu are not a specialty either.
Shura - this ..... too .... very refined ... like the shape of autumn leaves ....
Yoshino - shura is able to eat a paste of fresh beans and oysters at one time ....
Milo- I did not know...
Yoshino - Eh?
Page 12
Milo - so many colors .... did not know that he was the type that enjoys the spirit of the trip. I thought he was an inexpressive man, I did not think he frequented such places, so lovely ..... shura.
Shura - Speaking of which, I did not think you were a person with so many facial expressions, Milo.
Page 13
Shura - milo, would not you be responsible for protecting the place known as .... the last fortress?
Milo - exactly .... not that long ago they told you? I can also use this smartphone and ...... (this puzzle game is interesting)
Shura - Have you recently arrived in this world? (playing in an app ?!)
Milo - Yes it is! that we came from another world is something very amazing! (giving my best in the free version!) there are certain things that do not change .... independent of the era .... I am a Saint of Athena, whose duty is to fight to defend her.
Shura - This is evident at any moment .... but you are right.
Milo - but you, shura ... are wrong!
Page 14
Milo - we trust in the freshness of our memories !! and depose everything, and something that can be lost ... I would be stupid to rejoice not to have them in your hands !!
Shura - what?!
Milo - You, that's a miserable .... I'll give it to you !!
Shura - this ... this is !!
Page 15
Shura - since antiquity .... in Japan the chopsticks are the utensils with which food was placed inside the mouth. it is said that before using them they offered a thank you with a security sentence. and that in the opportunity to visit the shrine of ikutsushima, they buy the chopsticks and make a prayer. My name is already engraved in gold on these chopsticks!
Milo - what do you think? It’s a good memory?
Shura - You are a friend ...... the drawing .... was it kokuto who did it?

Milo - yes ... rather, Saga!
Yoshino - This man is someone I do not know, but if he is a Saint, then everything is fine, right?
thank you friend! I owe you adequate explanations!
Page 16
Shura - milo .... aldebaran asked me to bring yoshino to this place .... he called it "the ultimate Fortress"? what was he referring to?
Milo - I only know what the guardian himself revealed to me ... there was a failure in a certain experiment carried out by the sanctuary ..... now, the sanctuary has lost most of its functions .... I heard that it was in this way that the known place was born as the "ultimate fortress".
Shura- certain experiment?
Milo - It’s more than just an experiment.
Page 17
this is a fetish of invocation. various skills, arts, and techniques came together to give birth to a forbidden invocation. his purpose was to bring back several dead Saints before the threat of combat against the lost world. the sanctuary approaches a distressing option and decided to make a decision that was to ... to make a second coming into the present world of the Saints killed in the past ..... but Athena did not allow such an act.
Shura - did not allow?
Milo - That's right ... but the experiment was necessary.
Page 18
because in the lost world they also created and used that same forbidden invocation. and the Saints that they brought back are our enemies.
at this point the art they have created has the same power. this power was used as a kind of "anti-spell " .... it was necessary to possess the same power to stop the world that had summoned the Saints to return ..... that finally took place ... and occurred the collision between identical spells
Page 19
in the initial collision there were several victims and the invocation was interrupted. so the lost world each time he used this spell of invocation continues to oppose, even now ...... but in the last collision it was estimated that in this place there would be no fighting.
the person who can avoid the invocation fell in that place and lost himself .... after sealing himself inside .... a block of ice that never melts.
so that he remains trapped in that ice block .... he put himself in this place because divine power in Japan is strong. even for a golden Saint, a guardian .... but just as he can lock himself up in a block of eternal ice .... he too can break that seal.
Page 20
the one who inherited Aquarius.
Page 21
Dad, are you scared? ha, someone who made you afraid>
That is not it. There is nothing and nobody to be feared. In this place, someone important to me.
while sleeping eternally inside an ice coffin on the seabed .... I'll be waiting.