Chapter 78

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Mordred - impossible!! he has no weapons ... no sacred garments on his body. a human with bare hands .... can repel the attack of a gladiator ?! Who the hell are you?

Aldeberan - this is something unusual.

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Aldeberan - It is not certain that you attack without knowing anything about your opponent. Athena's duty is not to tolerate those who try to crush peace in the world. and that's why there are Saints. Athena is able to show her mercy to each one of them.

Mordred-  it seems that the woman you call Athena is very kind.

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Mordred - but not to bestow weapons and armor upon her own soldiers .... and sends them like so to the battlefield, is much cruelty. after all, the combatants are discarded. so we will get along very well.

Aldeberan - hidden weapons? Are his arms made of darkness ?! They all move freely at the same time .... he is brandishing his sword ?!

Mordred- Does she... does she not know the proper way to use his soldiers?

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Mordred - or is she simply ... an idiot ?! extension of hands

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Mordred - light of distress

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Aldeberan - an intense pain runs all over my body, not just on my skin .... the impact is also destroying my cosmos and my soul !!!

Mordred - This is not a simple attack. this blade contains a magical power. It’s the power of attack inherited by the blood of his father, a king .... and the magical power inherited by his mother, a a sorceress.

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Aldeberan - I can not fall! Not in front of my daughter !!

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Aldeberan - You called me Papa .... Just you ... the one who has far-reaching existence ... high .... and strong .... for my daughter .... I must be more enraged than any other person. You taught me, yoshino .... that even though there are no blood links .... there is no doubt that you are my daughter.

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Aldebaran - and also that I am your father. and that is why I will never fall before your eyes.

Mordred- No way ... I can feel this love overflowing. especially these eyes .... with a color of affection. then this is a bond of trust between a father and child. but how.... Unpleasant.

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Mordred - the bond between a father and his child is a strong bond of blood. what's next has to be next ... what's intense has to be intense. something as superficial as that, only turns into resentment. release of the magic sword.

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Mordred - light of agony.

Aldeberan -  the attack is not directed at my body ... this is ... a spiritual attack ?!

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Aldeberan - It’s a roar that resounds in my head. a voice that mortifies me .... that kills !!

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Roshi - Why are not you coming with me? come into the world that should remain intact for all eternity. a world in which Athena possesses.

Shiryu- I do not understand the meaning of what you are saying. Now, in this world, there is also Miss Saori, the goddess Athena.

Roshi - I also have the memories of this story. but I believe that the world in which I live is the right place. Shiryu, do not you believe the same as me?

Page 14

Roshi - you .... and I want to save all the people .... who have fought for the land.

Shiryu - I do not have memories of this world ... what happened?

Roshi - sooner or later you have to remember .... because when the worlds merge, surely the memories will flow. memories of this violent battle that can never be forgotten. many people and Saints lost their lives .... when in the last great battle .... brought about by an invasion aimed at taking control of the land.

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Roshi - It was then that .... the great Zeus ... was defeated. our hero was bathed in blood ..... more than that, our image of nobility

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