Chapter 77
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Cronus - Every being has the right to rebel against a god. Enjoy this right at your pleasure. But know…
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Cronus - That humans can rebel against God ... but they can never overcome it.
Aiolia - Not that one! It’s that vibrating wave again!
Cronus - Attacking it head-on is suicide!
Page 4
Aiolia...Now...burn my Cosmo!
Page 5
Cronus - he did not deviate or defend himself from the vibratory wave. On the contrary, he threw himself against it.
Aldebaran - He reached the speed of light ....
Shura - To reach the opponent !!
Camus - The logic is that the adversary is right in the direction of where the wave comes ... so he went straight against it.
Milo - Without bothering to expose the wave ... what a suicidal plan !!
Shaka - With that ... Aiolia proved something very important to us.
Page 6
Shaka - That people are, yes, able to face ... even a great god of antiquity. But the price you pay is very high .. He threw himself in the middle of that whole vibration. The armor may have protected you ... but your brain ... must have suffered great damage.
Lithos - Master Aiolia !!
Page 7
Cronus - Do not wait for miracles when you fight against a god. Because we are the gods, we do the miracles. But I must praise you for the courage to rise up against me. As a reward ... I will give you a quick death.
Milo - What are you doing standing there? I'm going to ...
Aldebaran - wait! Look at Aiolia.
Page 8
Lithos - master aiolia !!
Aldebaran - one more time for him.
but ... the way Master Aiolia can be …
Aldebaran - do not worry.
Camus - Your master has not given up yet.
Shaka- He holds up the courage of those who advance even at a disadvantage.Saints burn their lives for those who wish to protect. So ... I want you to trust his willingness to protect you.
Page 9
Shaka - your confidence in him ... will cause the cosmos of Aiolia to shine infinitely.
Lithos - Yes Master Aiolia ... I trust you. I believe from the bottom of my soul, that you will win,
Milo - He ... can not be ?!
Page 10
Milo - That idiot! Are you going to repeat the shot?! Do you think your body will support another one of these ?!
Page 11
Milo - He entered the reach of the arms !! Aiolia !!
Cronus - It's no use. no matter how fast he approaches me ... the "Darkness Roar" always catches him. And no blow that he throws in this state can reach my sohma ....
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Retsu - Amazing! Again, in one blow !!
Misty -The river....
Retsu - ha? There was a river here, right?
Page 14
Misty - Yes, there was. But I'm going to bathe.
Retsu - Ha?!
Misty - I was exposed to the power of the wicked. I can not concentrate on the fight with this unpleasant sensation on my skin. I need to wash. I will not tolerate my body being tainted.
Page 15
Misty - Why don’t you come in too? It is relaxing....
Retsu -Ha?! I'm fine thank you!!
Miko -I ... I think I'll keep looking.
Retsu - what?! You can not do this!
Miko - Why not? Look does not take away...
Retsu - Thankfully not! Because if he did, we'd be with fewer Silver Saints in the world now !!
Miko - Ah ... just a little more !!
Misty - Noisy people.
Page 16
Retsu- But ... how is this happening? Egypt is looking more like a jungle.
Misty - I learned that the adversary the Gold Saints are facing ... is a god.
Retsu -God?!
Misty - maybe it's the power of this god that's causing the earth's anomalies ... what do you think, miko?
Miko - Me? I guess…
Page 17
Miko - some time ago, with the support of the sanctuary ... I went to investigate a sarcophagus never seen before. He was darker than the darkness, and he was steadily melting away at a radiant blue water.
Retsu - A blue water?
Misty -It must be the Ichor, the sacred blood.
Miko - The sanctuary investigation team soon followed for it. But when we arrived the sarcophagus had already been violated ... or rather ...
Page 18
Miko - it was as if it had been opened ... inside ...
Retsu - by this description, it does not look like a burial. It looks more like a confinement !!
Miko - Yes, and supposing there are more Greek goddesses confined to similar sarcophagi. If the time of the world recedes, we would return to the time when they reigned on earth ... therefore, I think their purpose ... is release these sleeping gods!
Page 19
Retsu - But this ... we Saints, we will not allow it to happen !! We will defend peace on earth, no matter what!
Misty- We need to stop them from all kinds of trouble. While the Gold Saints... fight for us in the Tartarus... we must protect the earth.
Page 20
MIsty -even being in a distant place, we can feel their cosmos burning. That is ... they can also feel our cosmos here, I defend our land! That is why ... we can not ... never be defeated.
Page 21
Misty - I believe our cosmos on fire ... is capable of reaching them wherever they are. Marble Tripper. I want that when the Gold Saints come back ... find this planet in absolute tranquility.
And may their golden glow erase all the fear and insecurity .... that the people of the earth and even the other Saints are feeling at this moment!
Page 22
Cronus - Darkness Roar
Lithos - Master Aiolia!
Aldebaran - Is he so tired that he can not even fight back ?!
Milo - Damn it!! Hang on!! Not yet!
Page 23
Milo - Only four of those thousands of lightning left ?!
Aldebaran - Did it not hit?
Cronus - What misery. But it's okay ... it's time to die.
Page 26
Cronus - all the time, he was controlling the four rays. He allowed himself to be captured by the Darkness Roar, on purpose, to divert my attention to the front ... while destroying four arms at a time. But not even the Gold Cloth would be able to absorb all the impact after receiving this blow twice in a row. It's time to mow your life with my sickle!
Page 27
Cronus - Repelled again ?! It is not possible for a human being to have that strength!
Aiolia - Still .. you do not understand this power ... to control the lightning .. it was Koios that gave me .. And this ..which is like a sword able to fight with megas drepanon .. it was hyperion that gave me ..
Page 28
Aiolia - Powers left by my late comrades in battle. And I also have companions who came from Earth to Tartarus.
Cronus - And what is so special? Friends and companions are only a hindrance. I do not need anyone's help ... to be invincible!