Chapter 76
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Cronus - There is nothing that insignificant human beings can teach ... to a god like me.
On the contrary I will teach you what is happening to the land that you both want to protect.
I reaped its time ...little by little but with precision ....
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Cronus - With that, your world... was off the mark. The piece of land hit by my power. It was deprived of its time and is returning to the past ... the time when the world was ruled by the gods, and not by people ... the earth ceased of humans!
Milo - Make the world go back to the past ... this is impossible!
Cronus - How can you say that?
Page 3
Cronus - I am ... the God who reaps the time of everything and of all ... I will cut you off from the history of the world and annihilate mankind ...
Lynx Retsu- Not another step
Page 4
Retsu -There is a city hailed on. And I will not allow it to arrive. If you do not turn around and do not leave immediately ... I will have to slaughter you right here !!
Page 5
Retsu-If that's what you want, I'll fight with all my strength. Burn ... my cosmos!
Page 6
Retsu-cutting jaws. I got it ?! At least I felt I hit it !! I ripped your body but ...
Page 7
Retsu-He continues to advance in this direction as if nothing shakes him! It’s as if this being ... was not already alive !! It’s a lifeless monster ?! what a force !! but I can not let myself defeated!! Shina is going to town ... meanwhile, I must save this place!
Page 8
Retsu-Even if I have to burn ... my whole life and my cosmos !! What is it? Is there an air curtain preventing the blow from striking me?
-The airstream wall that I create ... repels all kinds of forces ...
Page 9
Misty - just as I reject the presence of every evil being with the people of this land! Before you disappear once and for all ... record the name of the one who defeated you. I am Misty, Silver Saint of the Lizard Constellation.
Retsu - Did you save me ?!
Misty - Yes, I could not stand watching a fight so unbalanced ... It is good to see that you are prepared to give your life to protect people, but … I became aware of the identity of this sinister being. It’s a horde of souls think that they returned to the world, because of the interference on the time of this planet .. They are poor souls who have no physical body to go back to ... and suffer because they can not die for good.
Page 10
Miko - Yes ... they realize that they are dead ... but they suffer because they do not know what to do in their current situation, as far from life as death ...
Retsu - Who are you?
Miko - I am miko hasegawa, an archeologist specializing in Egyptian studies.
Misty - She’s a distinguished researcher, to whom the sanctuary requested help to investigate the strange phenomena that are happening in Egypt. And I should take you to the center of town. This is my mission ....
Page 11
Misty - now you two be quiet, for I will rescue your souls. Before, I'll count to ten ... so they can ... pray to the gods they believe in.
Page 12
Misty - Marble tripper. Okay ... goodbye, I pray you have a good trip!
Retsu - The air ... is being repelled!
Page 13
Retsu - Everything was thrown away ... including all those souls who filled this place.
This is the power of a silver Saint!!
Misty- I will not allow them to interfere with the peace of the earth. I will protect you from everything ... as long as we are Saints, fighting in the name of the goddess Athena ... we will bravely resist ... as well as the Gold Saints, who are fighting in far lands.
Page 14
Miko - the Saints are the last hope of the land ... and the Gold Saints are unbeatable when they are protecting someone ... that’s what you said, is is not? Leo-kun, so ... we will not let ourselves be beaten, you're risking your lives for us ... it's only fair that we create a world that deserves this sacrifice … Of you ... and of your brother ... Aiolos, the Sagittarius Gold Saint .. In this world, protected by people like you...
Page 15
we must live full of gratitude. without accommodating us in the peace that surrounds us. I believe what you said ... that the Gold Saints are unbeatable. And there you are, a Gold Saint just like your brother. Struggling to protect us, at this very moment.
Cronus - He hit back ... the big sickle ?!
Page 16
-I trust Aiolia ... the Leo Gold Saint !!
Aiolia - If you are a God reaping time ... in us, humans, we are beings ... creating time !! And time belongs to all who live within its current!