Free nonprofit giving apps



Giving Mobile App is a platform (free mobile app and website) for making charitable donation to organizations, people, and causes you care about. Our mobile app and website can be used to make direct donations to churches, nonprofits or fundraising campaigns. Your donations go straight into recipient’s bank account. Stripe (a global payment gateway) is our payment processing partner. Giving Mobile App platform is run by Giving Funds LLC, a registered company in Maryland, USA.

Giving Funds LLC is an organization dedicated to offering efficient and affordable solutions for nonprofit fundraising. Our mission is to help nonprofits, charities, churches, and Christian organizations maximize their donations and fundraising while they concentrate on their core functions free nonprofit giving apps. Our mobile apps and website are free to use for both individuals and organizations, with no sign up fees, contracts, monthly or annual charges.

Giving Mobile App is designed to make giving quick and easy. You can make a donation in less than 10 seconds with 3 pushes. You can also create and share fundraising campaigns on social media and all messaging platforms. Our mobile apps and website can be used for donations in up to 23 countries (See FAQs for list of supported countries). We also provide a free Organizations App (GivingOrg) for organizations to track their routine donations live free fundraising sites for nonprofits. We provide a free dashboard on our website for organizations to track their donation history, donation details, export their donation data to a spreadsheet and issue refunds.