Chapter 83
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Cronus - The dunamis of the three Gigas... my guardians and protectors .... It abruptly diminished and disappeared ... what happened in the end? Were they defeated? Impossible!!
the three planets that have protected me since mythological times ... were defeated in such a short time?
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Cronus - And they disappeared completely ?! mere humans... would not be able to do that! Are the Gold Saints... not human ?!
Aiolia - Are you calling my friends monsters ?! Be aware that all Saints are real humans .... chosen by Athena to protect humanity. Why do Saints possess all this power, even though they’re human? It’s because the goddess athena understands very well ... the nature of the human being.
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Aiolia - She knows that we carry a myriad of possibilities when we should protect those we love ... there is nothing that a man can not do, as long as he has a will and is firm in his convictions. Because his very existence is already a miracle.
Cronus - Do not speak nonsense.
Miracles put an end to the lives of men...but men face the most diverse difficulties to live. We were born with this destiny ....
There are those who let down by sadness and give up to go forward ...
But sooner or later ... everyone gets up and walks again. Of course it may seem like a small step ... to a god like you.
but this one step ... is what illuminates our future. The strength that leads us to take this step ...
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Aiolia - It's called courage. It’s the most powerful weapon of mankind. With this sword called courage. We overcome difficulties and move one step at a time ... toward a future of peace. That is why, although the world is shrouded in darkness at the moment ... humanity still remains a miracle, capable of creating a range of futures. We may be being devastated by a divine attack ... but people still shed light in the darkness. They rise whenever they are knocked over.
They can weep for the lives that are gone ... but still raise their faces with pride, walking towards the future! Men are much stronger ... than the imaginary gods. I'll prove it to you. Not even a god has the right to despise human beings. Don’t you dare underestimate us …
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Cronus - The power of the human being? You think it's a miracle ?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. That's really funny! Then show me what you have !!
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Aldebaran - What was that ?!
Milo - The ground is collapsing ... even faster !!
Shaka - It's not just that. There's something wrong with the whole world ... what's this weird feeling ?!
Cronus - I just destroyed the Adamas Psammos inside the labyrinth of Cronus. My hourglass that controls time. Without it ... the hours are out of control. The past and the future, from here to the earth, are distorted... and everything falls into the most terrible chaos. Prehistoric animals will come back into existence. The men will be persecuted and die in despair ... and there is only one way to prevent this from happening ...
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Cronus - That is .... destroy me !!
Final Form
Page 8
Aldebaran - The arm he had lost regenerated and created more arms .. and burn like a white flame !!
Milo - And that's not all! He created more faces! now it's three faces !! The flame of my arms is a gauge. every flame that goes out is another change in time ... if you do not destroy me before they all go out ... everything here and on earth will collapse and end in ruin. And neither can that Zeus avoid it ... now, come. I want to see ... who has the courage to stop me. Who will be the first ?!
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Aiolia - Already said that it is I who will show you ... the miracle of the power of the human being ... but I will not destroy anything. Because I promised to fight to protect you .... and save you. Cronus - You still insist on that? I do not need salvation. Only what I want is everything in the world ….. Because I'm going to give you a slap to see if you wake up. Aiolia ....
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Aiolia - Aldebaran .....
Aldebaran - I do not have much to say ... just a reminder. You will face a god to protect the life of all mankind .... and to fulfill the promise you made to a friend. And I admire you for it. You are the best mate of all and I consider you a friend. So remember .... I am proud to fight at your side. You are important to me....
Aiolia - Yes ... I'll remember that!
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Camus -We do not have much time. And, thinking coldly, the solution we find is neither the best. Also, I think there are times when we should stop and talk.
Aiolia - Camus ...
Camus - Before coming to these lands, I told you, that I would come soon. And you trusted my word ... right?
Aiolia- Yes .... I trusted.
Camus - So I'm here. As a companion, with the same objective as you .... and as a friend, you never betray the trust of the other. Your brother Aiolos may have been a traitor, but you are d you. You are a Gold Saint, just like us. Always fight with your head up .... there is no reason for you to be ashamed.
Aiolia - Got it....
Page 12
Aiolia - Shaka.
Shaka - You saved my life, risking your own ... correct?
Aiolia - Perhaps. I do not even remember ...
Shaka - In truth, trusting someone is something fearful. It is already a trait that would be marked in the heart forever. But I ... will continue to trust you. And I do not feel the slightest fear of it.
Aiolia - I understood ... you can trust me, yes .....
Page 13
Aiolia - Shura ....
Shura - I was the one who fired the blow that killed yourbrother Aiolos ..... about that, I do not regret it since I was fulfilling my duty .... understand ... I do not know what came over your brother, but ... in the eyes of Aiolos ... I saw the glow of conviction. No matter how traitor Aiolos may have been, it was the last moment ... the bravest of the warriors. And you ... look a lot like your brother. In your veins runs the blood of a great Gold Saint. Remember that!
Aiolia - Yes. I'll remember .....
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Milo - At the beginning of the conversation, I did not even want to talk to you, okay ?!
Aiolia - Milo ....
Milo - I do not like your style !! You’re very arrogant! And also ... you’re a hardhead! Everything I hate most about a person !!
Aiolia - What a coincidence. I think the same of you.
Milo - Hunf! I doubt you have many friends! I bet there are not that many people you can count on !!
Aiolia - Well ... in that, you're right.
Milo - And for that, since other way ... I came today ... to give you coverage !!
Page 15
Aiolia - Galan .....
Galan - May I help you, Master Aiolia?
Aiolia - it's nothing. I just wanted to hear your voice
Galan - Right ... and when should you expect your return?
Aiolia - ... ha, ha, I’ll return... with Lithos.
Galan - But that’s good news. Can I say something, Master Aiolia? I met your brother there. And for that, I can say for sure. You are the best Saint of all. I am happy to be able to serve you, Master Aiolia. I'm also from the Leo Temple. There was a time when I wanted to reach the top, but .... Today I can say ... I am proud of the world for you to be the Leo Gold Saint.
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Aiolia - Lithos
Litohs - Yes sir!!
Aiolia - I'm like a brother to you ... and a father too. If you want to make a request for me, do it now.
Lithos - Ha? What...? A request, Master Aiolia? May you come back safe and sound ...
Aiolia - No, no. None of this, Litos ....I always keep the promises I make to you ....Remember? Always, whatever happens. So tell me, Litos ... there's something you want to tell me, no? Then say.....
Page 17
Lithos - win the fight Do not die! And defeat the enemy!
Aiolia - Leave it to me.
Page 18
Aiolia - Wait here for me …
Lithos - I'll be waiting!
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The Ultimate Battle Begins
Page 20
Cronus - Finished your goodbyes? So let's start ... your execution.
Aiolia - It was not a farewell, it was a promise. I gave her my word ....Now you can come. I'm ready for everything. What are you going to use? Your dunamis? the scythe? Or is it ... that you still hide some trick ?!
Cronus - Hu, hu, hu ... says that because you always sees me protected ... by the Soma... by Megas Drepanon .. by the guardians .... by my dunamis. And that's why ... you still have not noticed ....
Page 21
Cronus - I also know how to fight!
Aldebaran - What is this ?! Where did this power come from ?!
Milo - Dunamis is enhancing his muscles !!
Shura - until now, all the other Titans attacked us with weapons and dunamis ... but Cronus ... is like us ?!
Camus - Cronus... knows how to fight without weapons !!!!
Page 22
Aiolia - That's all ... I wanted! It will be hand to hand !!
Cronus - are you sure? Is that what you want? Look, if I use all my strength ... you will die quickly.
Aiolia - you still do not understand? How many times do I have to repeat ... I'm here to show …
Page 23
Aiolia - The miracle that only humans make happen !!
Cronus - Let it be ... in return, I will also show the miracle that only the gods make happen.

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