Turn Your Catalog Business Into A Party


Everyone loves a party . . . a gathering of friends, delectable food, good conversation, tons of laughs . . . what a feeling of warmth! Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could pull out a couple of your product catalogs, pass them around the room, and rake in some extra cash while you are having such a wonderful time? What's stopping you?


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The concept of home party sales is not new. Many famous companies have made a fortune off of women and men like yourself who have demonstrated and sold their wares within the homes of willing hostesses and hosts and their guests. From plastic and home decor to candles and cosmetics, home party sales has proved to be a successful avenue for product marketing and sales.

With a bit of ingenuity and a great personality, you, too, can capitalize on this same concept. While you may or may not wish to venture out into hiring sales consultants, you can effectively create a large market for yourself by asking individuals to host a home party for you in exchange for some incentive . . . perhaps a product they can only earn by hosting a party . . . something in your product line that will entice them to become a hostess.


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Increase the stakes by offering them a percentage of their sales in additional products. The key to successful bookings is to make an offer they cannot refuse while only taking a small cut from your own profits in return. The increase in sales will definitely make up for the marginal loss you encounter in gift items . . . and even those may be tax-deductible.


Create an air of enthusiasm while encouraging your host/hostess to invite family and friends to attend the party. Add yet another incentive the host/hostess can earn by having a certain number of guests attend the party. The greater the number of guests, the higher the sales. Also, your chances for getting additional party bookings increase.


Provide a catalog for each guest, as well as an order form and pen. You can also go the extra mile and design a creative name tag for each guest to write his/her name on and wear during the party. This will not only help each guest get to know each other, it will also be useful in assisting you in remembering who these individuals are. Refer to each guest by name. People love for you to say their name.

Before guests begin to arrive, you should have made arrangements with your host/hostess to arrive a few moments ahead of the guests so that you can set up your product display. Remember, merchandising is everything. Your display should be centered around some theme.


Each season brings with it special holiday themes you can build upon. The more creative you are, the more interesting your display will appear to your audience. Be prepared to demonstrate your products to your audience and show them how they can benefit by using the product. Answer questions they may have and encourage them to think of additional usages for your products. This information will benefit you at future shows.

While your host/hostess serves refreshments, take the time to meet with each guest and offer to assist them with their orders. Talk to each one about the benefits of hosting a party and let them know how they can help the host/hostess of this party earn rewards by also booking a show. Home party sales can be contagious! Everyone will want to get in on the action!


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Once the party is complete, all the guests have departed, and you have packed up your display items and are ready to head home, always take the time to thank your host/hostess personally for inviting you into her home. The very next day you should send the hostess a hand written thank you note in the mail. It goes without saying that timely delivery of her/his gifts, products ordered by her/his guests, and any follow up communications should be carried out in a timely manner.

Home party sales are fun, exciting, and a great way to meet and welcome new clients. Investigate how you can take your catalog sales to a new level in home party sales!


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