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Republican Party Finds Proof Arizona Election Was Stolen


The Republican party has found proof the election in Arizona was stolen.

(Source Jim Stone)


The Republican party has found proof the election in Arizona was stolen and is now auditing the election, which is something they would have been jailed for during the last election.

"According to Arizona's GOP, the investigation will examine and report the Recorder's decision to open an emergency voting center before Election Day, voting procedures and challenges, ballot counting, results reporting process, and allegations of fraud in the election.

In the press release, the GOP stated that they hope the audit will produce a fair, factually-based report that will help them understand what happened in the elections and address the voter concerns.

AZ GOP's Chairman Jonathan Lines has asked Phoenix attorney Stephen Richer to conduct the audit with State PLLC serving as advisory legal counsel.

GOP officials said the auditor will soon create a website where Arizona residents can submit information about the recent election that could be useful to the independent audit. The GOP will provide updates of the review's progress and hopes to use the auditor's final report to improve the process in future Arizona elections.

My comment: Just yesterday Hillary was begging to have the consent decree reinstated, claiming it's cancellation caused too many black voters to not vote! In actuality, too many voters were left open to prosecution for voting early and voting often. This is not over yet. It's looking good for Arizona if the GOP is going to do this.

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