chapter 100

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Kiki - at the same time that the block of ice was broken, I thoroughly investigated the subconscious of Camus, but a certain will prevented me from progressing with a powerful barrier. Was this will of his own, or was it provoked by the hands of Aiolos? I could not come to a conclusion.

Kiki: It is possible that Camus, is no longer a person ... And has he become a demon again?
Kanon: That in this era, there are two Aquarium Cloth ... it's impossible

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Kiki: In spite of not seeing them ... the cosmo that I now feel is that of two Cloth, and both are authentic

Kanon: But one of them, was not inherited to our Shrine ... From the middle of a history unknown to us, spinning the time with people's lives ... Finally a sacred treasure appeared crossing the dimensions ...

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Kanon -  Yes there are two identical ones in the same world ... They repel each other ... colliding

Kiki: Equal existences can not coexist ... in the same world?

Kanon: If both are genuine ... You wish there were only one. I verified that two people can not be allowed. Even we twins connected by blood had problems ... as beings so similar was to be assumed.

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Kanon - That does not just happen with objects and people, it's the same with ranges and places. Surely one of the two Sanctuaries will be destroyed ... that must happen. With the interaction will come the extinction. The annihilation. What is left after that, will be a world completely decomposed for us.

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For a similar stock, your destiny is to face? The elimination of one of them. A purification?

Seiya: You two ... stop!

Aiolia: The Athena and the Sanctuary that I know ... prohibited the use of weapons by the Saints, except those of Libra. If that collapses ... This world.....

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Aiolia - is not the future of the Sanctuary that I know. If so, I will show you in this place the justice that I know


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Raiba (Lightning flame)

Seiya: It's the Lightning Bolt !!! But what is this uncontrolled destructive power?! it is far surpassing the Cosmo of the Aiolia that I know. I know that the level that a Gold Saint must reach ... is the Seventh Sense. And on an even higher level ... there is the Eighth Sense ... but ... this Cosmo is in a range that I do not know

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Aiolia - Ninth Sense. It's still .... imperfect.

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Seiya: Damn ... Ikki! I can only stop Aiolia from faching him!!

Saga: Wait Seiya ...

Seiya: What do you say Saga! You should also stop them !! If a Bronze Saint fight against a Gold Saint who has an unknown power ... It is simply suicide!

Page 10

Saga: Time ... is something that advances, whether you want it or not

Seiya: Saga what the heck ... are you saying ?!

Saga: What you do not know is that everything changes ... you can not fight against that. The world, the ages, the way of life ... people change ... they are never the same

Page 11


Ikki: While the Phoenix has the flames in that body ... it's burning like a Golden Lion.

page 12

[HOUGOKU RENOU] (Imperial Burning Roar)

page 13

Aiolia: Is it an Ikki technique ?!


Seiya: Ikki became the new Leo ?! But what? This Leo Cloth ?!

Saga: Born from the combination of two powers ... it's a miracle ... It's a true Cloth.

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