In the AI ​​era, SD-WAN is how to release AI capabilities, enterprise data transmission security, zero packet loss, zero card, etc. From the above network security discussion, the secure and stable network architecture is the foundation for releasing AI capabilities, professional Network architecture capabilities are the guarantee of a high-quality network. As the leading SD-WAN service provider in China, Guanglian Group cooperates with Huawei to launch the SD-WAN overall solution. By integrating Huawei's world-leading SD-WAN technology and China Unicom's leading one-stop service, Guanglian Group provides customized enterprises according to customer needs. Network solution design, build high-security, high-private network pipeline to ensure end-to-end data security. Powerful routing capability, high-performance CPE, extending from L1~L3 processing capability to L3~L7, building high-performance, low-latency, anti-loss packet SD-WAN network, helping enterprises achieve digital transformation and commercial success.

  Retail chains typically rely on traditional WAN links to provide secure, fast access to their stores. What the WAN needs to do is to achieve fast access to all applications, services, and data hosted at headquarters. However, with the doubling of data and equipment, retail chains are in desperate need of a technology that can connect multiple of their stores while also adapting to massive and intensive data services and applications.

  This article will delve into why retail chains need SD-WAN and SD-WAN to reshape the entire retail industry.

  Retail chains use distributed networks. They may have a main office or headquarters, a data center, and dozens or hundreds of stores around the world.

  The WAN connects all of these branches to the headquarters as a single "wide" network, and can use multiple connection types, such as: 1. PPP connections on the public Internet, such as VPNs or tunnels. 2. Circuit switched (CS) technology such as ISDN or cable. 3. Packet switched (PS) networks such as MPLS or LTE.

  Any kind of connection can provide core services and applications for retail stores, such as inventory, shipping, purchasing, etc.

  If there is no network, there is no service. This is a risk that all chain stores cannot afford.

  Today, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and a large number of IoT devices are emerging. In addition, email, video conferencing, the Internet of Things and big data, secure transactions, cloud backups, and more all bring in a lot of data.

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