Chapter 64

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[Temple of the Patriarch]
Sisyphus - The temple of delphi?
Pope-Yes. You will request the manuscripts of delphi, a prediction about holy war.
Sisyphus - The manuscripts of delphi?
Pope - They are prophecies recorded by the priestesses who serve the oracle.
Sisyphus - Prophecies .... to see the future of holy war?
Pope - The Saints’ war is a great battle between gods and humans can not predict the outcome.
but in any case .... delphi prophecies can influence this subject.
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Sisyphus - Yes. Now it's up to my brother to find his way to oleander. And let it be strong and free. It's all I want.
Pope - I understand. Oh, yes ... since when do you have this problem in your lungs, Ilias?
Ilias - But ....
Pope - as I suspected ....
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Pope - You do not usually talk about yourself. Even if they call you a hero, you're still that awkward boy of the past. And so, you will sacrifice what little time you have left ... with your younger brother ...
Ilias - Yes, I will.
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Hasgard - Hey, Sisyphus! Why are you dreaming awake if you have already received your first mission?
Sisyphus - hasgard! Aspros!
Hasgard - Yes! And as I thought, you looked good in this Cloth! I have to run and get mine soon!
Sisyphus - Haha ha! That frankness makes me feel good!
Aspros - Do the other apprentices trouble you? Do not pay attention to them. They are lazy people who usually can not get any Cloth.
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Aspros - Their efforts and abilities are nothing special.
Sisyphus - It's still an inflexible .....
Aspros - Besides, your mission is to go to the oracle of delphi?
Sisyphus - Yes ....
Aspros - Be careful ... this oracle does not seem satisfactory.
Sisyphus - But it's a prophecy, I do not think we have a choice.
Aspros - I do not like this way of thinking! That way we can achieve a better future! An absolute oracle is only used to manipulate people's lives! I refuse to believe in a future decided by someone else!
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Sisyphus - The wind is very strong, but .... I do not even feel a breeze in the woods ... does that mean that I entered the sanctuary of delphi? but it is like a hazy fog ..... it’s some barrier?
-Do you want to kill me?
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Arkhes - It is good to see that you are a person full of kindness, young Sisyphus. I am Arkhes.
Sisyphus - The wolf spoke?
Arkes - They told me the reason for your coming. You came to see our oracle, who is here.
Sisyphus - Our? So you are
Arkhes- Yes .... we are the pythias.
Page 15
Arkhes- We join our psalms with nature and we can feel their breath. A truth that normal humans can not afford to see. And that is why words transcend human knowledge and go towards the future But what about you? Do you have the strength to know the future?
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Sisyphus - Aspros! Hasgard! What are you doing here? What about those Cloth?
Hasgard - Ha ha ha ha! Are you surprised, right?
Aspros - We surpass our trials and become saints. Then the Pope asked us to support him in this mission.
Sisyphus - Oh ... really?
Hasgard - Very well! I thought those wolves had given you trouble! Glad to be here, together!As we promised a year ago.
Sisyphus - Yes this is true.
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Aspros - But once, you only see the immediate future. It's still the one from the mission a year ago.
Hasgard - And others are again involved because of you. I do not like having to meet a coward like you. That weakness of yours will be a problem for us during the holy war.
Let's get you out!
Page 21
Sisyphus - This is not right! Are they just illusions? Or, by chance ... is this reality?
hasgard - Look at our faces. This is the reality .... still doubt it? In that case....
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Hasgard - we will show you the truth !! You're pathetic, Sisyphus! Mr. Ilias would not have made that kind of mistake!
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Sisyphus - My brother?
Aspros - Really ... you are envied by all, but ... your lack of skill makes you useless!
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Aspros - sanctuary does not need someone like you! No ... I was hoping someone would tell you all this? This is your weakness!
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-I feel that the sanctuary oppresses me, and I am not free. I want to get out of here. I want to escape to a place .... where I can live.
Sisyphus - Who said that?
-Yes in the sanctuary no one needs me.
Sisyphus - Enough! Shut up!
-It may be that the sanctuary .... also disappears .....
Sisyphus - You ... are the one who should disappear!
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[Chiron’s Thyella]
Page 28
Hasgard - This is your weakness ..... weakness such that one day you will place you against the sanctuary.
Aspros - This weakness of his had caused a disaster in the holy war.
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This is the oracle! You have to disappear!
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Pope - How ironic, Ilias .... you’re the strongest of men, but can not overcome this disease. It has reached such a point that you can not even go into battle.
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Ilias - But the death of the body is not the end, illustrious Pope. As long as I live, I will do all that I can to contribute to the holy war. You speak of Sisyphus. Heand I are ... different. We both spend a lot of time pretending we can not figure it out ... all I can do for him …
Page 32
Ilias - Is help him find a way to believe
Hasgard - What?
Aspros - A golden wind is pushing us!
Sisyphus - It has been said that I refuse to believe that I should see the truth ...... in this case .... In that case, I .....
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Sisyphus - I refuse to believe what you are telling me !! You are the only people who treated me kindly! And that never changed. Even with my mistakes in missions or the Gold Cloth! They always wanted to change the future with me!
Page 34
-These relationships are ridiculous!
Sisyphus - No, they are enough! They give me strength to fight!
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[Chiron's Light Impulse]
Page 36
Sisyphus - They disappeared with the fog .... were they just illusions? But illusions with such power …
Arkhes - Yes. These were illusions born of their own strength.
Page 37
Arkhes - All I did was give shape to what's in your heart.
Sisyphus - Arkhes ... what was in my heart?
Arkhes - Exactly
Sisyphus - What? but then ... will I be a problem for the Sanctuary?
Arkhes - follow me to the oracle.
Page 38
Sisyphus - You're lying!
Arkhes - We just tell you what they tell us ..... We transmit our souls of the same nature and .... record what we want to say. As promised… I'll take you to the manuscripts ....
Sisyphus - the fog is getting denser ....
Page 39
Sisyphus - What?
Arkes - This is our temple. The manuscripts are stored here.
Page 40
Sisyphus - But….what is this?!
Page 41
Sisyphus - a sagittarius ... black ... that's a surplice … It can not be .... is it me? Arkhes!
Arkhes - This is what the oracle conveys. this is what happens when you try to lead Athena's army one day.
Page 42
Arkhes- But, rather, should he live or die? Notice what will happen.

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