Pools are a Must in Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Hotel accommodation in Dubai is a diverse element with a wide range of choices. Rates of hotel accommodation in Dubai starts from as low as INR 1500 per night to luxurious Burj Al Arab which cost north of INR 300,000 a night. Hotels are basically divided into two categories which are business hotels and leisure hotels. Business hotels are centred about two key business districts in Dubai, which are Dubai Financial Centre (DFC) and Jumeirah Lake towers (JLT). These business districts are on either side of the main arterial road of Dubai, which is the Sheikh Zayed Road. With the hot temperatures that Dubai experiences during summers and most of the time of the year, there is no dearth of hotels with nice pools.

Pools are a key attraction to potential travellers and business persons in Dubai. It is equally refreshing for a professional or a traveller to spend soothing time in pools after a hard and tough day at work or sight-seeing. Hotel accommodation in Dubai has since a while, witnessed entries from almost all the large hotel chains in the world. A few famous international chain of hotels with properties in Dubai would include Intercontinental Group, Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Novotel, Atlantis etc. Being an Islamic country, around a few decades back from now, most of the hotels would prefer conservative habits and dressing of its residents. The practice, however has completely fallen away and the culture of Dubai has opened up widely. This is another driver which has resulted in a springing up of a larger number of hotels with nice pools. Earlier this used to be an issue since guests would not be encouraged to be in pool costumes in public areas within hotels.

Profitability of developer managing hotel accommodation in Dubai is also very high since Dubai is a financial and logistics hub alike. The island country is home to one of the world’s largest airlines flying to almost every country around the world. Also, as a financial centre it is very conveniently located and has favourable tax law which has resulted in most global corporates having their financial centres in Dubai.