Chapter 62
Page 3
Camus - Aurora Execution
what? a wall of ice ... covers us and protects us from the flames of the battlefield?
Page 4
Camus - Freeze
Page 5
Camus - for a moment I felt the salamander weakened ... until now the aurora execution did not affect it, but it was still frozen ... something must have happened to whoever controlled it.
Another emblem of the gods disappeared from the sky ... but it's not just that ... among the Titans ...
Page 6
Camus - something that should not be happening ... something that made the Titans stop ...
Page 7
something sinister and incredible.
Mnemosyne - You can put that sword in me, but nothing has changed. He had not been able to get back what was taken from him ... nor recover those he lost. all that he had done with it ...
Page 8
Mnemosyne - Is the disgrace of becoming a killer of his own race. Hyperion.
Hyperion - when the cosmos replete with the feelings of Ceos ... broke with the dunamis and disappeared .... I could feel it too … that something had been taken from us ... and that ... who took it from us .... was you.
Page 9
Hyperion - And this something ... is our memory. Free our memories.
Mnemosyne - Well, then I'll give it back. Your memories ... more ... I can not guarantee that it will satisfy you.
Hyperion - what?!
Page 10
A black snake
Page 11
Hyperion - this black snake !! Why?! I feel that I know her!

Pontus - you ... are he who sleeps within the serpent ... he who fell into the depths of the earth ...
Page 12
Pontus - and was attracted to my Ichor. A trapped God.
Hyperion - Pontus?
Pontus - the element you commanded ... was the glittering symbol ... of the light that illuminates the world ...
Page 13
Pontus a Sun god. That is your true identity. However, this position was taken during Titanomachy. And your existence, hidden ... inside a foreign god ... who sleeps in the depths of the earth … Apophis the serpent god.
Page 14
Pontus - remember ... the reason. The reason why you, among all the Titans ... was the first to be resurrected.
When I returned to the present world ..... you alone came to me ... attracted by the force of the dark waters …
Page 15
Pontus - and ended up being defeated again ... by a sun of golden flames .. Dismantled ... you only had to wait for the end .... inside the serpent that turned to ashes…
Page 16
Pontus - If it were not for my Dunamis ... what gave you the power to hold the sword again ... and brought you back to this world. I was the one who regenerated your body and cosmos ... which had been totally destroyed. Giving you my own Ichor for almost ten consecutive years.
Your blood is bound to mine ... by a bond much stronger than any others.
Page 17
Pontus - why did the other Titans not hear the voice of Koios? It’s obvious. It’s because I'm blocking. All the others are still immobilized. Your function in the Tartarus is over.
It's time to free your memory.
So I made you hear the truth about Koios, only to bring you to the goddess of forgetfulness.
You are different from the other Titans ... take back your memory and recover your memories
Page 18
Pontus - During the titanomachy Mnemosyne joined Zeus !! As well as Okeanos and Tethys, who did not participate in the battle, but made their daughter Styx, stand by him!!
You cheated on each other ... and as a result ... they were exterminated ... however, with you it was different. You were a radiant god, possessing the sun's strength ... a god who died for his justice, not allowing himself to be corrupted.
Page 19
Pontus - You, yes, are a worthy god ... to be part of my plan … abandon your people and the Titans, and come back to me ... stay by my side and be the god again to light the new world.
Page 20
Pontus - you received my Ichor more than any other ... and became part of my lineage ... blood is denser than water... for having given you life, I am like your father .... and in this world there is no stronger bond than fatherhood ...
Page 21
Hyperion - there is.
Pontus - You!! I gave you life and you will go aginst me ?!
Hyperion - who does not know that there is something more important than blood ... and that it must be protected ..
Page 22
Hyperion - You do not have the right ... to speak of divinity... what a god must protect is the people who believe in him ... and the companions with whom he shares the will to create the utopia. even betrayed ... the essence of it does not change. This world only makes sense ... when there is nothing to believe …
Page 23
and the future is worth it, when there is something to defend. What happiness can there be in a future when this feeling does not exist? that there is treachery, that there is death to separation ... or the feeling of permanence. It stays engraved on the chest of those who stay ... without giving chance to sadness.
Page 24
Hyperion - never be afraid to conclude one's life for those who wish to defend !! Yes!! It is the duty of the gods who are above all else !!
Pontus - What a foolish god ... and miserable ... then ... stays in the depths ... and disappear ...
Hyperion - others can betray us at will ... as long as we do not betray ourselves.
Page 25
Hyperion - when there is no one else defending Cronus... I will still stand as a wall to defend my king. For I know that only by fighting can you create a future. To follow the path I believe in ... I reject the promise of the throne in a new world ... and I will fight for my ideal.
Page 26
Mnemosyne - So, is this your justice, Hyperion?
It appears in the darkness of the Tartarus... darker than the darkness itself ...
Page 27
the sun of darkness.
Aiolia - Hyperion.
Page 28
Hyperion - my planet is formed by red flames ... deadly blades that burn the life and cosmos of my enemies. To all beings ... I provide death.