Canon IJ setup is a safe, secure, and reliable website to download the driver. Installing the driver is a prerequisite for getting prints from your Canon printer. After the device driver is configured, you will be in full control of the commands and control for your printer when necessary documents have to be printed. For its users, Canon provides free driver installation online for which you need to enter Canon.com ijsetup in the Google search bar. On the website, select the best-suited driver as per the printer model. 




  1. Your internet connection and internet speed should be of high quality. This needs to be checked prior as any interruption or breakdown in the internet connectivity will hinder the entire process of installing the setup. 
  2. Your web browser should be updated to the latest version on your Windows or Mac operating system. Make sure the browser is secure from virus attacks and is loads at its fastest capability. 
  3. Make sure that your device has sufficient space to install the driver. To create more space, uninstall software that is no longer of use. In this way, you will have more space on your device. 
  4. Unload all the necessary components which come along with the printer. Install the components systematically along with the ink cartridges and then turn on the printer to launch the Canon IJ setup.
  5. Ensure that the network status on your printer is connected and link your printer with the router. 




After downloading the driver via Canon IJ setup, these are the steps you must go through:


  1. The downloaded file must show in the Downloads section of your system. Double click on the file and you’ll be asked to allow the file to make certain changes to the system. Click the ‘Yes’ option and proceed.
  2. You will then be redirected to the main window. From the main interface, find the language tab. From the drop-down menu of the languages, select the preferred language in which the software will be displayed across the screen. After selecting the preferred language, click on Next. 
  3. After setting up the driver, make sure that the program on the system is able to communicate with the printer. To connect with the printer, you can either go manually or automatically. For a manual connection, the printer and the computer must be connected through a USB cable.
  4. After the connection is successfully established, the printer name will be displayed on the computer screen. Select the program and the program will immediately look for software that is best suited for your printer functions. 
  5. The MP boxes and the Canon printer manuals will be displayed on the screen. Enable all the checkboxes of the programs in the software which you need to install. After selecting, click on the Next tab. 
  6. The installation process will now start. If you are using the iOS system. Then other configuration boxes will pop up where you need to enter your ID and password. Fill in the required fields. 
  7. Wait for the installation process to get complete. After the successful process, a dialog box will come up for the same where you need to click on Finish. Restart your computer for the successful installation of the Canon com IJ Setup .


Ref Link: http://printersupportunitedstates.simplesite.com/450544799