Staying on the right path, resisting sins, being grateful and making duas

As the title says this article/post is about making your way through life following the right path the path of Islam. Being Muslim in the current world when everything is in a mess can be really hard. Everything is so accessible and it's really easy to sin. 

We should never lose our hope in the mercy of Allah(SWT), no matter what we do we should always return to him and repent. If you don't do it it means that Shaytan has won and he's the true enemy of yours. 

We should seek help from Allah (SWT) through everyday duas, we should ask Allah(SWT) to help us stay on the right path and not get lost in this world (Dunya). 

The website has great resources about making duas in everyday life. I recommend you to check it out. 

Keep in mind we should be grateful for every day we got because it's a new opportunity to make good deeds.