Chapter 71

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Just a little more. We'll be safe if ... we get on that ship.
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Aspros - Please drink this before it gets cold.
-I'm sorry, my Lord.
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Aspros - I can see that you guys have been through a lot.
And above all, our meeting place is the sea before dawn. It must have been even worse.
Do not worry ... I, Gemini Aspros, will protect you. Miss chris walden.
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Chris - Well, sir aspros, on the history of the Walden family ....
Aspros - Actually, I already know it.For 100 years, pirates who have accumulated wealth enough to rival countries .... used their wealth to gain status of nobility. You still protect that enormous wealth today .....
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Aspros - As well as the inheritance of the family, which now rests on the hands of this girl of 14 years.
-It all happened 10 years ago. the legacy should go to the older brother of Chris's grandfather, but after his death his son mysteriously disappeared. Then everyone began to die suddenly. thus, the lineage was severely reduced. Today, the legacy belongs to the young brother of Chris's aunt.
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Aspros - So ... and that's why ursula has changed ...
I left the sanctuary to see this situation more closely. Many evil stars appeared around your sister.
And these stars are controlled by the lord of the underworld. Any idea who they are?
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-Ursula brought demons here.
-she was a woman who wanted the legacy very much. but ursula changed when the demon came here/ She killed her own father, and she tried to make love to Chris too! we came here because our home became a ghost town.
Page 9
please! holy Saint! destroy mistress Ursula and the demons! please! Save chris!
Page 10
Aspros - What does Chris think? I know it's rude, but so far I've only spoken to your servant. Most important, what you think, I do not know. What do you expect from this battle? murder your sister; get the legacy, everything is possible. I would like to hear what your desire is from your own mouth.
Page 11
Aspros - If you can not, then it will be impossible to fight.
-Wait, Lord Aspros. Miss chris ?!
Page 12
-Are you all right, sir?
Aspros - It’s an ambush?
-Those bastards came from nowhere …
Aspros - what's happening?
-Will see
Page 13
Aspros - It’s a ... pirate ship ?!
Page 14
Ursula - I ... will not let you get away ... chris, you coward!
Page 15
Ursula - Spoiled child. You should know by now. The walden story is a story of looting.
You have sailed the world and accumulated a wealth that rivaled kingdoms, and forced a king to give them a title of nobility. We ... will go over everything we want …
Page 16
Ursula - my younger sister is no exception! Cut her head off!
Page 17
-Those bastards ...they ... flew here. they will be sorry for coming to the ship of the sanctuary!
-Impossible! He stopped me!
Page 18
-Even though we are not saints, we are trained, but our attacks have been stopped … bymere humans .... what the fingers
Page 19
-Do not get carried away .... these damn guys ...
-They are not normal
Aspros - what happened?
Page 20
Aspros - Everyone’s blood .... was sucked ...
Aspros - Now I understand ... this is the power of the ursula demons? pathetic!
-Where are you going, sir?
Aspros - To protect chris, I'll get this over with.
Page 21
Aspros - So, where is ... your master?
Page 22
Aspros - Do not make me lose time ....
Page 24
Ursula - not bad! Strong and focused. Are you the saint who protects Chris? Too bad iyou’re my enemy.Isn’t it sad? It would be better if you stayed by my side.
Aspros - Sorry, I'm not an object that can be bought. You are only my mission.
Page 25
Aspros - Call your demon right away. I'm in a hurry to get back to the ship. You and your pathetic sister can say goodbye.
Ursula - You are incredible. I love expensive things. And now, I want you ...And so cute that you have not noticed ... he is already here ... the celestial star of the beast ... the vampire ....
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Page 27
Aspros - When did he come up? His cold fingers ... touched my neck …
Earheart- I was waiting for you. Messenger of the sanctuary. No ... to be honest ... I should ask ... why did you come here.
Page 28
Earheart -Could you put that aside? The matter of family conflict? Even the holy war?
Aspros - So that's why ... as much as I want to return to the sanctuary soon ... I'm not satisfied until the work is finished.
Earheart - What?
Page 29
Earheart - Is the space-time continuum expanding?
Aspros - Disappear….
Page 30
Aspros - along with the ship.
- He succeeded! As usual of Lord Aspros!
Page 31
-The space was torn in the shape of a cross ...
Earheart - You live up to the legend, Gemini. I was careless
Page 32
Earheart - I intended to destroy the ship of the sanctuary as well. Try to protect it.... please.
-There's something wrong ... with that red light ...
Earheart - so that I may complete my mission ... in the name of Lord Hades!
Page 33
Ursula - Hahahah! WHAT FUN!
Page 34
Ursula - That man died? What a waste!
Earheart - These saints are very persistent … We'll see each other again, Ursula.please do not forget...I just left the hades army ... to come and make sure you got the fortune ... and the walden family armada.
Ursula - I did not forget. And you should remember our covenant ...
Page 35
Ursula - Until the day when I will become queen of the land, I will take everything I want.And no one can stop me.
Earheart - Yes....
Ursula - Besides, if I can torment chris a little, I'll be happy.
Page 36
Ursula - take everything! Unforgivable…
Page 37
Aspros - vampire earheart! And now? Will I have to wait for this little girl to wake up?
Page 38
Aspros - Do not tell me that ... you can not talk?

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